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These are our favorite cold soups for summer

We travel through Madrid in search of fresh and delicious recipes. We are spoonful even in heat wave!

To the delicious cold soup! © Ella Olsson on Unsplash

We are spoon, spoon. Therefore, not even 40 degrees in the shade of the heat waves of Madrid scare us to look for the deep dish. And for that, we appreciate the multitude of recipes for soups and cold creams that inspire high temperatures.

Gone is the monopoly of the Salmorejo or Gazpacho duo. Although both tomato soups from the south are still queens at their own and other people's tables. You can follow the classic recipes or add amazing ingredients that add color and flavor.

We travel through Madrid, despite the dog days, to satisfy our need for a spoon and refresh ourselves. There is life in the summer of the city beyond salads and ice cream. And, incidentally, we take some recipes on.

ABOLEA: Almond and Apple Vichyssoise

From this temple of healthy cooking, an infallible appointment of brunch and breakfast in Chamberí, where each menu of the day always includes a different soup (hot in winter, cold in summer), we suggest its almond and apple vichyssoise. “Refreshing, with a creamy texture and the pleasant sweetness that the fruit brings. Balanced and surprising flavor. It's one of our favorite seasonal creams! ”Says Rosanna Ansón

Ingredients: onion, leek, golden apple, potato, almond milk and rolled almond. Serve very cold.

Almond and apple vichyssoise. © Abolea

MARÍA LUISA'S KITCHEN: Strawberry and melon gazpacho

Gazpacho, our favorite cold soup, admits a multitude of guests. María Luisza Banzo, Chef and owner of María Luisa's kitchen, she prepares it this summer with two other fresh ingredients, which give flavor and color.

“I make the gazpacho with natural crushed tomatoes, green glass peppers -the Italian-, a little bit of tender onion - salads-, strawberries-if they are ripe better-, melon, olive oil, some apple cider vinegar -suavito-, Salt and some sugar. I do not put garlic or cucumber - the touch of the cucumber is given a little by the melon - or bread. That is to say, that in addition It can be taken by celiacs. And it's very, very rich, soft, light and refreshing. ”

Strawberry and melon gazpacho. © María Luisa's kitchen

AMADÍA: White garlic

We approached to the restaurant of chef Víctor Cuevas, personal project that has just opened in the northwest of Madrid and that for the summer offers another classic summer spoon with a different touch.

“Ajoblanco is a very old soup that began to be done in times of shortage in the area of ​​Malaga due to the excessive abundance of almond trees in the area, ”he tells us. "It is a soup with many properties due to almonds, that provide a large amount of protein, prevents heart problems due to its large amount of fatty acids and vitamin E ”.

And his recipe: “The ajoblanco, in this case, we make it with ground sweet almonds, white bread, garlic, water, EVOO, salt and sherry vinegar. We crush all the ingredients together and strain it through a very fine sieve. Being a seasonal soup, We accompany it with two main elements also in season, such as cured mackerel and melon. A very healthy soup and rich in properties to combat these temperatures. ”

Ajoblanco with cured mackerel and melon. © Amadía

BIBO MADRID: Gazpacho with cherries

It is already, practically a classic, a popular recipe from one of the last Spanish chefs to get the three Michelin Stars, Dani García. You can find his gazpacho with cherries in BIBO Madrid and BIBO Marbella.

“The cherry gazpacho has tomato, onion, green pepper, garlic, cherries, oil and sherry vinegar. Everything is poured and crushed. In the plating, we put anchovy, pistachios and feta cheese powder ”.

Cherry Gazpacho by Dani García. © Bibo Madrid

VIRIDIANA: Gazpacho with strawberries and marinated Baltic herring

This is a classic of cold spooning in Madrid: the gazpacho with strawberries and marinated herring Abraham García, soul and life of the Viridiana restaurant. A recipe he inherited from his mother and continues to prepare for everyone's delight and pleasure. One of the first that began to serve in its restaurant called buñuelesco That has already turned 40 years old.

Marinated strawberry and herring gazpacho. © Viridiana

SURTOPIA: Salmorejo with carrot

In this house of Andalusian cuisine could not miss a cold soup with southern flavor. If other summers, your avocado gazpacho got attention, this the chef José Calleja He has opted for the other great admired spoon: the salmorejo. But, of course, it gives its differentiating touch.

Made just like the classic recipe, add cooked carrot to give it a sweetness and a color very particular

Carrot gazpacho. © Surtopia

OLIVIA TAKES CARE OF YOU: Beet and apple cream

They went around the typical varied dish: salads, healthy, organic food ... A formula that has now led to a larger space in Fortuny, where soups and cold creams are always part of their daily menus. And this summer it is clear which one wins: lto beet and apple cream, nutritious, fresh and photogenic.

“Beet is a wonderful vegetable, which will bring us iron, it will help us increase our defenses, it helps us prevent osteoporosis, it will help us detoxify our liver, it gives us vitamin C, sodium, potassium, magnesium and something great: it contains a lot of antioxidants ”, they tell us since Olivia takes care of you . “We love its taste, but we know that it may seem a little strong, soand we have added apple to soften, and lime and mint that gives it a special fresh touch ”.

Ingredients: 400 grams of cooked beets, an onion (75, 80 grams), two green apples, lime juice, salt, pepper, mint leaves or peppermint. Optional: turmeric, ginger, cucumber or even curry can be other fantastic ingredients.

Beet and apple cream. © Olivia takes care of you

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