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Spiritea: the ultimate drink that will make you switch to tea

An explosion of color and flavor in a space reminiscent of cotton candy.

Strawberry, mango, watermelon ... Nothing better to sweeten the summer than a Spiritea tea. © Spiritea

Society is divided between coffee lovers and tea followers. Each morning, each of us chooses what will be his stimulus to wake up in a sleepy morning. From now on, the side of the theine will gain adherents, because the brand Spiritea It's revolutionizing everything we know about tea.

Forget about traditional flavors such as green, red or black tea; and leave the infusions of peppermint or chamomile behind. If you've never conceived tea as a summer drink, now you're going to start doing it. Spiritea uses a wide variety of fruits to make its drinks.

Pastel colors reminiscent of the English tea tradition, fused with a contemporary design and works of art. Those are the ingredients of Spiritea. © New Practice Studio

Strawberry, pineapple, pomegranate, orange ... They give a sweet taste, as well as fresh, perfect for hot days. This American brand is based in California and they intend to redefine this traditional drink. “We want to introduce tea culture in North America, in the new generations”, declare the brand. Its purpose is to get young people to start seeing tea in a different way.

Having a growing fashion hipster Very present, there are few drinks that have emerged that claim to be tea, when they really are part of the group of soft drinks. To not participate in that loop, Spiritea has ensured a healthy tea making, with the intention that it ceases to be a simple fashion and becomes a reality. Yes, instagrameable can also be healthy.

This is why they not only settle for creating their entire menu with fresh fruit, but, to fight against processed beverages, Bubbles, powders, syrups, jams and any artificial products that are thrown out have been removed from your recipe. To sweeten, they are enough of pure cane sugar. The rest is borne by the Fruit, tea leaves of the highest quality and modern technology.

Spiritea flavors change throughout the year, according to seasonal fruits. © Spiritea

How could it be otherwise, Spiritea has a flagship product and is its Fruit tea with clouds, for which they use fresh dairy ingredients. This election is changing its fruity base according to the season of the year in which we are. If you do not decide for such sweetness, you can always opt for its other flavors: strawberry, mango, avocado, watermelon, pineapple, lychee or cherry (at least, at this time).

Also, in the summer months, you can always opt for their cold teas. And attentive, because they don't overlook even the water. For the elaboration of these, they use Canadian Glacier Water, direct from the Canadian glaciers. More than cold tea, it's iced tea.

Fruit, pure cane sugar and ... nothing else? Spiritea teas are free of artificial products. © Spiritea


All this dreamlike atmosphere could not come alone. Entering the Spiritea store is an experience that is at the same level as trying your drinks. The establishment of the brand located in New York is black on the outside, but as if it were Narnia's closet, upon entering, Pastel colors, fluid shapes and works of art decorate a space that invites relaxation and tranquility. The saying of "appearances deceive" was never so true.

Those responsible for this naive aesthetic have a name and surname. New Practice Studio has taken care of moving customers to a place that was in tune with what they were going to take. The architects, interior designers, graphic designers and brand strategists who are part of the study, have put to work to create this idyllic space.

Like tea, the place where it is made also has a message. The goal of New Practice is “Transmit a fusion between the culture of eastern and western tea with a contemporary design”. To do this, they have used the best known tradition of this drink: english tea.

Do not be fooled by the black exterior. Inside Spiritea an explosion of colors awaits you. © New Practice Studio

Rosewood, light blue and dusty greens are part of a color range that aims to recover the romanticism of this English culture. With this, they recreate a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere that, in a simplified format, makes you move to the heart of Britain in its famous tea time.

But contrary to what you might be thinking, a rococo and stretched air is not breathed. As we mentioned above, they pretend combine the classic and the contemporary. Therefore, another of the pillars that have been inspired by the design has been pop art.

The works that decorate the walls of the premises are carried out by Wei Kun, an artist based in Beijing with which New Practice has collaborated in this project. This idea further reinforces the metaphor of moving Eastern culture to a cosmopolitan environment such as New York City.

Not only fruits, the dairy products that Spiritea uses to make its teas are also fresh. © Spiritea

The geometry that the furniture is used is full of fluid lines and rounded shapes that all they want is to enter Spiritea an integrated experience, that is part of a whole. That explains his intention to place the bar in the center so that everyone can enjoy how these (magical) drinks are made.

All this fantasy of shades and structures goes hand in hand with the philosophy of these teas: a fresh and playful environment that supports the brand concept. Fruits, clouds, pastel colors, art ... Spiritea is a trip to Wonderland since you put your first foot in the door. Whether you are coffee or tea, we are sure that it has convinced you. We already have another excuse to visit the big apple.

New Practice Studio is not only responsible for design, but also serves as a means of dissemination for many artists who can present their works. © New Practice Studio

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