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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Ode to Cordoba flamenco

Very flamingos, with a lot of grace for the palate and very attractive to the eye, flamingos remain one of the many reasons why people return to the province of Córdoba (with heat wave and everything).

With that powerful aspect and a variable length (in which size does matter) the Cordoba flamenco is that edible invention of uncertain origins, which always tastes like glory and occupies an unquestionable throne in the menus of all the bars and homes in the province (because by the way, like my mother's, none). But put to go by the bars, a 'flamenquincito' Cortadito with its homemade mayonnaise and an immense mountain of chips and / or your lettuce, you will always be welcome and even the smallest diners will celebrate.

The recipe is very simple but in each place it is given a different point (some people put a touch of fine wine Montilla-Moriles or a few drops of lemon). But the base will always be a thick and rather large sliced ​​pork loin that you will have to add a little salt and beat him up without thinking twice (get rid of Cordoba style!) with any object in the kitchen that you can use to crush the steak. It is about expanding it and leaving it very thin so that it is more juicy and to obtain an area of ​​meat wide enough to roll the strips of Serrano ham and the band aid bacon in the middle. Roll it up without fear! The result will be an impressive steak of meat that is then coated with egg and breadcrumbs (twice the same operation) and finally, you will fry it completely submerged in very hot olive oil.

Another key: the cut! When fried, divide it by cutting it diagonally to longitudinal. If you serve it with a classic salmorejo as a first course, you will have a Sunday lunch in Cordoba That always wins. But don't give it to you with cheese. Not even with ham. Neither stuffed with chorizo, nor with monkfish and prawns ... Noooooo! The distant cousins ​​of the flamenquín are innumerable (sanjacobos, crispines, etc.) but they have nothing to do with the authentic one.

Other tips to enjoy flamingos:

The bigger the better. And if there is a place where the flamingo comes out of the plate, it is in Moriles In this town it is presumed to have the longest flamingos in the world. Experience it at Mesón Los Faroles. A good flamingo It has to be shared in a family and friends environment, so we suggest you do it in the warm restaurant El Tomate, in Bujalance, where they boast of having invented them ... It is essential that you take it as it should be: with your little glass of fine de Montilla. Try the natural wine of this land in La Taberna El Bolero in Montilla, where they will tell you everything you want to know about their process while you taste their delicious flamingos accompanied by salmorejo or a fried fish, sea stingrays, spider ... If you want to eat them surrounded by the most illustrious children of Córdoba (Seneca, Averroes and Maimonides) in full Cordoba Jewish quarter, the Casa Salinas Tavern, in the Puerta de Almodóvar is an oasis from the Cordovan tapas: salmorejo, eggplant with honey, oxtail or scrambled camperos.

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A good batter is one of its keys © Image courtesy of the Córdoba Tourism Consortium

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