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Spas with designation of origin

For years, Asian culture has inspired both decoration and beauty treatments of most spas. Thai massage is considered one of the best in the world and exotic oriental plants are present in the basis of the most effective cosmetics. But this trend is changing. Wellness centers seek to specialize in local cultures and thus recover the best of the ancestral traditions of each region. Because a Thai massage is better in Thailand in the same way that an Italian ice cream is better in Italy. We review the latest trends.


Aware of its spectacular geographical situation, in the rocky mountains of Arizona, The Mii Amo spa resort bases a large part of its beauty protocols on Native American healing recipes. So your Blue corn body polish (60 minutes: 118 euros) use a mixture of blue corn, mineral salts and oil to do a body cleansing and ends with a Vichy shower to benefit from the healing power of hydrotherapy. For its part, the treatment Sedona Clay Wrap (60 minutes: 118 euros; 90 minutes: 173 euros) begins with a deep, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory exfoliation based on Sedona clay (rich in minerals) and cocoa powder and ends with a lotion based on native herbs to feel the aroma of the earth.

Native American treatment at the spa resort Mii Amo, Arizona. © Mii Amo


The Kinan Spa del Maroma hotel in Riviera Maya has been raised by a Mayan family based on the sacred geometry of his people (taking into account proportions, astrology, etc.). Such is the search for the channeling of energy that the massage beds are placed in such a way that head look west (represents the beginning) and the relaxation room points to the north, which represents the earth and the base of the whole. Of the many treatments based on ancient Mayan medicine, the Temazcal, a curative steam bath based on effluviums that are released by pouring an infusion of herbs on hot volcanic stones. It is seasoned with darkness, meditation, traditional songs and aloe vera or aloe to anoint the body. It ends at sunset with a purifying bath in the sea (90 minutes: 88 euros).

Kinan Spa, at the Moroma Hotel in Riviera Maya. © Maroma Hotel


He Zara spa from the luxury resort The Mövenpick Dead Sea is known for its treatments based on Salt and black mud from the Dead Sea. We recommend the Exceptional Mud Wrap (50 minutes: 83 euros), which consists of a black mud body wrap that will clean and stimulate your skin and muscles, it will relieve your emotional tensions and rheumatic pain and improve your blood circulation. It ends with a revitalizing massage of the face and scalp to calm tension and headaches. In addition, treatments greater than 100 dinars include unlimited use of the Whirlpool, the two pools and the private beach of the Dead Sea.

Private beach of the Dead Sea, in The Mövenpick Dead Sea. © The Mövenpick Dead Sea


The healing properties of thousands of Amazon plants have been known by shamans for centuries, For this reason, the best spas in the region do not hesitate to get advice from these healing experts when they come up with their beauty and wellness protocols. An example is the Hotel das Cataratas, which with views of the Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side includes in its spa menu treatments based on biodiversity and Brazilian indigenous culture. They use ingredients harvested responsibly in the lush tropical forests of Brazil and take special care to focus the energy of the Amazon. Choose Essence of the Amazon, a massage that incorporates a mixture of jungl tropical essences oilsto (90 minutes: 115 euros), or Rainforest Scrub with Massage, a full body massage that begins with a exfoliation based on indigenous ingredients (90 minutes: 115 euros).

Views of the Iguazu Falls from the Hotel Das Cataratas. © Hotel Das Cataratas


The Mediterranean essence is also felt in the spa treatments of each and every one of the countries that have a piece of coastline bathed by this historic sea. Its benevolent climate has favored that the plants and fruits are the protagonists of the culture, and therefore of the beauty protocols and wellness. Thus, in the Spa of the Residence we can opt for a Citrus Siesta, in which the citric presence comes from the hand of the fruits collected in Mallorca itself and that includes a olive oil based scrub (50 minutes: 125 euros), or choose an antioxidant, firming and moisturizing wrap called Citrus Bath (50 minutes: 125 euros).

Choose a citrus-based treatment in the residence of Mallorca. © The Residence

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