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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: who said fear?

Who said fear? Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Saints' Day ... You can call him anyway, but what is clear is that we like to celebrate the unbearable lightness of being, at least, once a year. If you like morbid, take note of the eleven terrifying plans for this long weekend.

1. In bed: Macabre tales. Edgar Allan Poe. Get under a blanket and, in the light of a couple of candles, which avid reader of the early nineteenth century, let the stories of Poe get into your bowels to come out in the form of spiky hairs and tension. “The burning, unfathomable desire of the soul to torment itself, to violate its own nature, to do evil for the sake of evil, impelled me to continue the ordeal to which I had condemned the harmless animal ”, 'The black cat'. Well, that.

2. At the bar: Madame Mustache (Brandhoutkaai 5, Brussels) Do you suffer from coulrophobia, that is, clown phobia? Well then, you have to go to Madame Mustache, to put you in the wolf's mouth, in a decorated garitazo which circus of the 40-50 years, a show to arrive disguised as a freak-show character. You will go unnoticed. And pure terror if yours are not clowns.

The circus not suitable for coulrophobes © Madame Mustache

3. Between frames: Goya's 'black paintings' (Prado Museum, Madrid). Between portrait and commission, Goya knew how to get the deepest of his guts in the form of caustic, muddy paintings. Black. 'El Aquelarre', 'Saturn devouring a son', 'Two women and one man' ... 14 jewels that represent the darkest of the soul. What a pleasure to enter the Prado with a clear objective. Well, dark

The Coven © The Prado Museum

4. In the club: Nightmare Killers 2 (107 Surfolk Street, New York). A building converted into a house of terror: clashes with psychopaths, a lot of tomato sauce and a lot of shouting and spider web in An enchanted maze in Little Italy.

Halloween in New York © Nightmare Killers 2

5. On the table: The Chuchis (Amparo 82 Street, Madrid). The Tormes was one of those bars with a hearth of Lavapies in the mythical Amparo street. Today you will arrive and you will find the Chuchis. With a very flavor british but keeping grandma's porcelain, in the Chuchis today you can taste a typical dish halloweenesco: special stew of English sausages and pumpkin. AND LONG LIVE THE CHUUUCHIS!

The usual hipster bar with a 'halloweenesco' menu © Los Chuchis

6. On the road: a Galician mountain, traveled in a four cans and with a countryman who tells us the legends of the Santa Compaña, Lobishome and meigas. For example, him Park of the Molinos del Baroxa. You know. If on your tour you find a group of skeletons wrapped in threadbare shrouds, get in a circle drawn with chalk or eat something you carry on. Only then will you prevent the Holy Company from taking you with them and wandering, for the rest of your immortal death, through the Galician mountains. That hears that very well and very beautiful. But no.

Windmills of the Baroxa River, Galicia © Alfredo Arias

7. In the stadium: Rayo Vallecano - Real Madrid. Saturday, November 2 at Teresa Rivero at 8:00 p.m.

8. In the cinema: Warren Record: The Conjuring. The most terrible thing about this movie is that it is based on real events and two characters that follow being eminences in the field of parapsychology, Lorraine and Ed Warren (already deceased). A haunted house, a demonic spirit ... And a marriage to save them all.

Look at the shadow © D.R.

9. On the walkman: TERRITOIRE. This is a trip. Frightening, in many ways: a captivating web of sounds from which you never leave or, rather, a soundtrack for a day of solitude ... if you dare.

Lysergic sound moment © TERRITOIRE

10. A neighborhood: Whitechapel, London. Visiting the Whitechapel neighborhood on the route of Jack The Ripper is almost as 'normal' in London as going to Tate. A type of freak tourism, where there is a lot of curiosity but, above all, Much morbid.

Whitechapel © Corbis

11. The website of the week: GangaShop. This is scary. But because this website has made us want to buy things like this brooch of folk from space, this sweatshirt of cats, cats and more CATS accompanied by this bag of MEGAGATO and, to top it off, a lysergic unicorn pendant.

The brooch of the folk of space © GangaShop

Video: You Probably Don't Exist (March 2020).

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