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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Double or nothing: four couples that always work

Bet on well-matched couples. Destinations that complement each other seamlessly and act like a kaleidoscope, giving you a multiplied and complete view of the object of your traveling desires. It combines the cosmopolitanism of the big cities with the coquetry of the small charming towns; the hustle and bustle of the long avenues full of designer shops with the echo of your steps as you travel over a maze of centuries-old cobblestones. Take advantage of its geographical proximity and take home a style lesson and lots of clues to understand and enjoy the character and idiosyncrasy of its inhabitants.

They are relationships destined to succeed. Scenarios where comparisons are not hateful and discoveries arrive twice. If you are thinking of escaping a few days for Europe, bet on double.


In the kingdom of the waltz, the fusion between vibrant Vienna and the evocative Salzburg would form the most admired dance partner. The Austrian capital brings the constant coming and going of trends expected from a big city, and the story scenarios of Salzburg they are the perfect counterpoint to admire the genius of man when it comes to aggrandize the already impressive natural landscape surrounding the city of Mozart. If you are looking for the balance between nature and the city, this is your getaway. You can travel by train from Vienna to Salzburg, with railjet it will take two hours and twenty minutes, and in the process enjoy the wonderful alpine landscape that gives the journey.

In Salzburg

Do not miss the climb to the fantastic castle, he tour of Smiles and Tears If you are an incurable romantic, do not forget to have a delicious coffee in the Tomaselli and of course don't come back without the photo before the Mozart house. If you are looking for a special experience get a ticket for any of the functions of the Puppet Theater and if you are one of the very farsighted that you know that you can already reserve a locality for the acclaimed Summer Festival from the city. This year takes place between July 18 and August 31.

The impressive natural landscape of Salzburg © Corbis

In Vienna

Chic, casual and cheerful, the capital of Austria offers unforgettable photos and lots of unique moments. If you like to dress as a princess remember that every year they are celebrated in the city more than 450 dances and that the best season to show your rhythm takes place between January and February, during the carnivals. Don't miss the Kaffessiederball in the halls of Imperial Palace. If you also want to enjoy the latest gastronomic trends, watch out for the restaurants in their new hotels. Enjoy the design of Conran & Partners in Brasserie & Bakery in the Albertina Square, In the heart of the city. Don't miss the view from the 58th floor of the Meliá Roof Top Bar and enjoy the most imperial luxury in the recently restored Hotel Bristol board.

Vienna offers a lot of historical monuments © Corbis


The pique between the two main Scottish cities could be traced at the beginning of time, but it won't be necessary for you to get so far to understand it. It is enough that you get into one of the many forums that air the advantages of each other over the four winds. Stay with everything and enjoy both, because after all they are less than an hour's journey and in your case you don't have to choose. You were not born there. Admire the resounding beauty of Edinburgh and take advantage of Glasgow's grim cheer.

In edinburgh

Logically you have to hurry around the old town, the famous Old town, the heart of all its legends. Yes you are going the mysterious roll do not stop doing a terror tour, and if not also, you will understand better why everyone talks about that corner of the city with such reverence and you will wear a history lesson with little effort. Do not forget to approach the port through the fantastic promenade of the Water of Leith, to reserve a table in your new batch of restaurants with Michelin star, to visit the National Galleries and give you a bath of crowds in the crowded shopping streets of Princes St and George St . To finish with style try the Delicious cocktails from The Bongo Club.

Edinburgh, the heart of all its legends © Corbis

In Glasgow

Less monumental, but immensely fun. The fame of the Glasgow nightlife crosses borders so if you want to star in a memorable night of clubbing You are in the right place. The Sub Club, Stereo and The Arches They are three of the most celebrated. Another thing you should enjoy are shopping, the main shopping streets are in the center and prices are more than tempting. Do not miss the impressive Buchanan Galleries, designed by the city's star architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and don't stop taking some Scones In his tea room. You will get to travel in time.

Glasgow with a lot of gear © Corbis


Pair of aces The monumental Prague, full of sensual scenarios, and the dreamlike Cesky KrumlovSo beautifully beautiful it looks like a postcard scenario, give a perfect idea of ​​the hidden treasures of the imperial Czech Republic. The two cities are located at 178 kilometers away, and the fastest option is to take a bus in Prague. In less than two hours you will be in one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe.

In Prague

You will definitely go through the Bridge of Carlos, and if the night surprises you there, you will discover one of the scenarios most romantic in the world. In addition to admiring the views of the river Vltava, to visit the fortified neighborhood of Mala Strana, to stay with your mouth open in the Town Hall Square, to tour its cafes and admire the bohemian crystal you must take advantage of the excellent offer of its museums. Essential are the newly rehabilitated National Museum, the Kampa and if you like history, the Museum of Communism. The last and memorable acquisition is the Dox Museum, pure vanguard.

The monumental Prague © D.R.

In Cesky Krumlov

Just take a look at the photos of Cesky Krumlov to understand that you are going to visit a privileged place. Medieval and aristocratic, curled up in one of the many loops of the Vltava River and Unesco Heritage. Definitely a luxury if you like to admire the architectural beauty and places with magic. Here you breathe in every corner. Don't stop admiring the wealth of his castle, to enjoy its many cultural shows and in summer to take a crammed raft ride. If you are also a beer unconditional you can learn more about their secrets in the Eggenberg factory, which has been running successfully since 1560.

Cesky Krumlov a place with magic © Corbis


It seems incredible that a territory as small in geographical extension as Flanders Count on so many and so careful surprises. The binomial Antwerp-Bruges It will leave you wanting more, but it is an excellent start to discover the cultural wealth of this region of Belgium, full of corners photographies and unique experiences. Fashion is the engine of the restless and transgressive Antwerp, the claim that every year attracts thousands of lovers of the trend. The serene beauty of Bruges offers a aesthetic bath for the exhausted pupils of a 21st century traveler. Between the two you will understand why it has always been very tempting to put a pica in Flanders.

In Antwerp

Until February you have time to enjoy the events surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Fashion Academy, one of the most prestigious in Europe. But throughout the year the design is the protagonist in the great showcases of the Antwerp boutiques, certainly a source of inspiration, even if it is only visual in some cases because of the prices. Do not miss the first Karl Lagerfeld's concept store in Belgium, how could it be otherwise opens its doors in Antwerp and has a surprise 2.0, in the testers there are cameras, so you can ask on the networks opinion about the model you are testing yourself. For the rest remember to also bring you an overview of his fantastic Town Hall Square, especially if you like architectural watermarks.

Fashion is the engine of the restless and transgressive Antwerp © Corbis

In Bruges

Everything is beautiful in Bruges, so rent a bike and start spinning until you find your favorite corner, you will compete in skill with almost all its inhabitants, who love that means of transport, and you you will feel part of one of the coolest landscapes in the world. If you like the cooing of the water, do not forget to do a mini cruise on its canals, and if what you are doing is the high gastronomy, reserve in the acclaimed restaurant Hertog Jan. However, what is absolutely essential is that you give yourself a good chocolate tribute in any of its fantastic chocolate shops. Accessible, energizing and antidepressant. Mmm

Bored witches? Wait and see © Corbis

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