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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: Tarifa, Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona

This weekend we want to escape to the southern beaches to give us some sea air, taking refuge in a rural house in Tarifa. But we do not forget our beloved bars, the copita de rigor on Saturday, a good restaurant in Madrid or a beautiful shop in Barcelona. How about protecting ourselves from bad weather in the Alhóndiga de Bilbao? These are our weekend plans.

1. In bed: Jerusalem ChroniclesGuy Delisle Guy Delisle's wife travels, and much, for work. For this reason, Guy accompanies him and, between movement and movement, captures all his adventures, the vision of this French of the idiosyncrasies he experiences, in his comics. Between the satire of his prose and the sobriety of his style, Delisle creates a social-political framework from the country that will bring us more than one smile.

2. On the bar: Manchester Bar (Milans street 5, Barcelona). At the door, a blackboard. But nothing of "tortilla skewer" or "menu of the day", but a musical letter of what awaits you inside: Joy Division, The Smiths, Pulp, Iggy Pop, Violent Femmes ... This is Manchester, open until 3 in the morning and perfect for having the first cocktails of the Barcelona night.

English flavor in the Catalan night © Manchester Bar

3. Between frames: Ego Senso, the confrontation of the other me. Siluro Concept Gallery (Calle de Cervantes 3, Madrid). What is the ego? Your reinterpretation, in the form of different artistic manifestations (illustration, painting, sculpture, photography ...) you will find in the Siluro Gallery in Madrid. This exhibition, in which they participate more than 40 international artists, plays with the egotistic concept through the definition of the actor Santi Senso: "the EGO is to dare to look into the eyes of the BEING that we admire, desire, love, and make that BEING a pure, honest, real creation."

Ego Senso © Siluro Concept Gallery

4. In the club: Zuco 97 (Calle Amador de los Ríos 22, Tarifa). Spectacular views and good music (sometimes live) in an already mythical place in the night of Tarifa.

5. On the table: Taxi to Manhattan (Street of the Basilica 17, Madrid). With an exquisite menu of the day of 12 euros and about dishes to flock to taste until the last gota, Taxi to Manhattan has just opened its doors to the capital and putting in it something from New York. The New York urban decoration is complemented by the show cooking from chef Rubén Ortiz. You have to taste it.

New York in Madrid © Taxi to Manhattan

6. On the road: Rate. The beach of Bologna, that of Punta Paloma ... Although it is not time to put on the bikini, it always does so to go around this beautiful town, between sunsets of film and product of the sea to give yourself an unbeatable culinary tribute (the rice dishes of The Fish Market will give you all the strength to climb the January slope). To sleep, we recommend The gable, small, rural, flirtatious: perfect for a winter day next to the beach.

7. In the closet: Jaime Beriestain (Café & Concept Store, Barcelona). This interior designer has no limit. And so he has decided to gather all his passions in one place, a multispace with several functions: shop, restaurant and even florist. Entering any of these three spaces is an ode to aesthetics. In its store you can find objects for the house, vintage furniture, accessories and a large repertoire of magazines and books of graphic design and interior design.

The definitive multispace © Jaime Beriestain

8. In the cinema (both inside and outside the home): About Llewyn Davis. The last of the Cohen takes us to the New York of the 60s accompanied by a musician looking for his way and his cat.

About Llewyn Davis © D.R.

9. On the walkman: we travel for the best of 2013. Among the thousand and one lists, we are left with the electronic, sweet, psychedelic selection of the GANZ band from Madrid, who will play this Thursday 16 in the Costello room.

10. A neighborhood: The Alhondiga More than a neighborhood, a place (old wine store) that is like a neighborhood. Enjoy the Contemporary art (Currently, you can attend the exhibition 'Artists As Catalysts'), bathe in any of the three pools Rooftop and solarium decks overlooking the rooftops and cupulillas of the old Alhóndiga.

The Alhondiga © © Eva Zubero

11. On the network: Sochimagazine.com. Sochi is the headquarters of the future XXII Winter Olympic Games, which are held in February, and we go there to discover the new website of the city in which we have found these postcards of the Soviet Sochi. With love

Sochi © Sochimagazine

Under the magnifying glass of the Soviet Sochi © Sochimagazine

Video: El once ideal - Buitre Canalla DEMO OFICIAL (March 2020).

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