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Editor'S Choice - 2020

20 beers that deserve a trip

You get older when you appreciate the primitive morbid that this drink has. When its bitterness becomes addictive and its sips can not be separated from the best moments of life. And one becomes a man / woman of the world when he speaks nostalgia that beer in that square, when he knows how to ask for a pint in 6 different languages ​​and when he takes a little while on his trips to worship his foam, his flavor and his circumstances.


Yes, that is worth it, that in your neighborhood there is a flirty irish pub, full of well-dressed men consuming their Thursdays and flirting with their co-workers in which Guinness is served. But friend in Dublin tastes much better. And not only because here is your wonderful, mastodóntica and super visited factory, but because, simply, it tastes better. It has a practical reason (the less transport, the less its flavor is damaged) and also intangible, marked by the idiosyncratic and redheaded circumstances of Ireland and its pessimistic nights.

Gravity Bar Guinness © Guinness


Munich is so brewing (and Catholic) that a monk appears on his shield carrying a jug in his hand. But today it is not up to talk about its millions of Biergärten, or even the underutilized for tourism factory of Paulaner. Today it's time to take the train, leave behind the small lakeside towns around you to climb up to this monastery where you follow selling and consuming beer just as the monks did. And with the added bonus of being a little international and quite sybarite brand.

Andechs, between monks and barley © Corbis


That nobody be fooled by the good / bad reputation that have this beer for Europe. Budweiser is the real queen of the USA. and not only because of its popularity. But as the States is an inaccessible country, and more when talking about beer and other perversions, it is best to go to St. Louis, do a little goose for Missouri and end up taking a Budweiser in the Biergarten of his wonderful headquarters. And if that, at the end of the third or fourth pint, make a Peter Griffin through the halls of his factory.


Belgium is a whole small brewery museum and an infinite sample of flavors. In this scenario it is difficult to highlight, so it is worth highlighting the good justified reputation of Leffe. His thing is not to go to the gourmet store and drink it on a Sunday afternoon on your terrace. Theirs is to look for the abbey that no longer exists through Walloon lands and reach Dinant, where Maison Leffe recovers the warm, elitist and religious essence of this beer.

Maison Leffe © Leffe


The birrera Bremen is divided into the two banks of the Weser. On one side is the gigantic factory of the most exported beer in the world, with its corresponding recommended visit. To the other, all a city that beats to the beat of its third bottles and that he doesn't conceive of sitting by the river or in the Viertel’s gates without a Beck's in his hand.


This is the origin, the principle of modern beer, the kind of pilsner that you like so much. It all started in the bohemian city of Pilsen, which today is an authentic theme park dedicated to its most famous product. But among the different brands that fight for the tourist cake, the Pilsner Urquell wins by a win. First, for being the original. Second, for having a most instructive tour where everything is historical and highlights its gigantic wooden barrels where fermentation takes place. And third because, although everything is relative and criticizable, we are facing the best mainstream beer. Something like Tom Hanks.

Pilsner Urquell © Corbis


This Peruvian concoction goes beyond the anecdotal. We talk about a quality beer (eye with its Malta, spectacular), modernized, which smells like the 21st century and tastes like old Europe and is consumed, normally, in two special situations. A first, while digesting the impact of seeing the Macchu Pichu. A second, in the bars of a city surprising and folkloric but contemporary which has the Ukuku's or Mythology as the masters-masters of ceremonies of the spree.


La modernez and cHamburg's constant evolution could not forget beer. And here the Ratsherrn appears as the kerosene of the rogue rockers of northern Sankt Pauli. But also as a beer that must be tasted and must be visited because it does not distill boring chats or extensive chronographs. Sweat design and good manners, something shared by his wonderful Siamese, the Altes Maedchen restaurant.

Hamburg beer to the core © Ratsherrn


This Czech beer takes years of litigation in order to seize the name Budweiser and prove that it is the authentic, the genuine one. In your search you reach České Budějovice, in the Czech Republic, where every time a foreigner falls in love with this drink they set up a guirigay with nationalist dyes. Apart from the collateral joys, the Budvar justifies an afternoon terrazendo in the Přemysl Otakar II square and surroundings that can be finished off by doing the tour of the famous factory.


The Sapporo signature It was the first to manufacture this wonderful concoction in Japan, with brutal success although its quality is not very high. However, under the Yebisu brand, it has managed to make beer an event and not only for its flavor or its price, but for everything that surrounds it, including a museum lord in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo.

The nipocerveza © Yebisu


It is clear that Brooklyn is a universe within New York where you can find everythingor. Even a beer with its name that has gained some relevance thanks to being genuinely from this neighborhood. To this is added that it has become a tourist attraction on the other side of the famous bridge. That's when the taste matters a little less.


It may sound a crime to highlight the famous and ubiquitous Dutch beer in this list. But it is Impossible to unlink the famous green helmet of the city of Amsterdam. And more when it ends up being tempted to know its own amusement park for adults, the so-called Heineken Experience. Its objective is clear, to win you for the cause and in some way it achieves it, although it remains a little macha beer.

The quintessential New York beer © Brooklyn


Paradise would be less paradise without its own beer. In Tahiti, foreign beers are drunk with little force or the local is pulled. Hinano is an icon in the islands for its suggestive logo and for symbolizing life outside the luxury resorts, in such street-like environments as those of the Roulottes that populate the boulevard at night from the port of Papeete.


In Cooperstown, a city in the state of New York, they boast about two things: having invented baseball and being the epicenter of the most important hops producing region on the East Coast. The first brings thousands of tourists in search of their Hall of Fame. The second is translated into the creation of a beer, Ommegang, whose name recalls its flamenco origin. A different, curious and very original drink that little by little is being imposed on the sport, attracting many visitors and beer lovers to its historic building. And in addition, it has won a more geek tourism thanks to its themed beers. Why yes, this girl is also a brewer.

New York and its Hall of Fame brewer © Ommegang


Of all the trapistas beers (a style typical of some monasteries in Belgium and its surroundings) The most charismatic is La Rochefort, in Wallonia. It is for its old age (more than 4 centuries being manufactured), for its elaboration process and for being intimately linked to its cradle, Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy Abbey. Its connection with the terroir is such that the water with which it is made comes from a spring located within the monastic enclosure. Here the word pilgrimage has other connotations.


It is practically impossible that a Mexican beer does not come from this large group, which has managed to get different brands to take over the market, being the mythical Black Model the most authentic. Although thanks to the internationalization of Mexican food, it is increasingly easy to find it in some restaurants, its city is Mexico and until here you have to come looking for the year 1925 for its historic center to provide more sense with its characteristic bottle. And then swallow and swallow.


No, in Denmark it is not all Carlsberg, but that does not take away this beer deserves a trip. The brand itself strives a lot in this by showing a make-up visitor center located in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. An entertaining visit that serves as a starting point to beer for the rest of the city and even find others highly recommended beers like Nyhavn or Albani.

Entrance to the Carlsberg factory © Carlsberg


Leuven is the beer capital of one of the most beer regions in the world: Flanders. Its rhythm of life is marked by this drink and by the beats of the students that cram its streets. The list of brands based in Leuven it is quite wide, but the experience that leaves a better taste in the mouth is to sneak into the famous Domus and taste the freshly made liquid, without spending a second in a container.


Bergen's famous colorful houses acquire more nuances when viewed with a Hansa Pilsner or Prima in hand. This beer pays well to taste, despite high Norwegian taxes. And you drink in front of the sea, savoring a product that aims to absorb the commercial essence of this city with a name that recalls the time when Bergen was part of the Hanseatic League as a Kontor or international position.


Some say it is the best in Spain, others that it is overrated and so, fighting, we can spend all day. But what has no discussion is that it is the most iconic beer in our country and the one that everyone associates with their city: Granada. But, curiously, not to the Granada that proclaims with its name: the guiri, but to Granada more than walking around the house, more of tapas and covers in any alley. Together with this gastronomic liturgy, the Alhambra justifies a nth visit to the Nasrid city.
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Beer and terrace in Leuven, who needs more? © Corbis

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