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A dog Berlin

There are times that being a dog in Berlin can take you to more places than a human. Fashion shops, gourmet restaurants, green areas everywhere and cheaper public transportation than for those who go on two legs make them the most spoiled citizen.

If one day of buying you will pass in front of Haupstadthund (in Hufelandstrasse 33), surely you would stop to browse their offers to discover immediately that the only clothes they sell are designed for man's best friend. White and immaculate establishment that is attached to the Schönhauser Allee avenue in the neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, bourgeois dog kingdom par excellence. While Feinspitzderhundeladen (Sophienstrasse 34), in Mitte, is something like the Ikea of ​​dogs or something even better, because their blankets, beds and other household items are not precisely mass-produced: their selection of products is wide The time you take care.

Haupstadthund, doggy shopping © Haupstadthund

Since last December, the southwest district of Berlin Grunewald has one of the few, if not the only one, Deli Gourmet for dogs. In Pets Deli (Teplitzerstraße 38) they know perfectly well that your pet cannot feed on leftovers, that's why they select in their store various types of meat that canine canine stomachs (apparently kangaroo meat is among them) and they put it on sale at the prices of the gourmet department of your favorite department stores. There's also broccoli or berries They accompany many of the recipes and confirm that you are probably pampering your dog.

Pets Deli, a gourmet deli for dogs © Pets Deli

The passion for the bio, which has already become more than a fashion, extends to dog food. That's why establishments like Natural B.A.R.F.ood (Berliner Strasse 159) take full care of the origin of the meat they sell without the need to make their menu something exotic. Nor do they forget vegetables. For special days, when you can skip the diet, you are Ally & Dotty (Pariser Strasse 5) that they cook dog biscuits in the shape of a dog and other pastries to celebrate, for example, their birthday. His philosophy of life is luxury and style, also for the pet.

Ally & Dotty: dog biscuits © Ally & Dotty

The beauty parlors for dogs are not lacking in this list (or if we speak with property: the establishments specialized in canine grooming, as they are now called). In City dogs Your animal can go directly prepared to win a beauty contest. It is on Kochhannstrasse 28, near the Volkspark Friedrichshain, one of the largest public parks suitable for dogs in the city. If your dog has a very tight schedule, they open until eight in the afternoon and also on Saturdays. After getting all the possible touch-ups the best thing is wear them in the right environment. The event organizing company Berlin mit Hund (Berlin with a dog), ensures that the animal and its master do not get bored in the German capital. A tour with views, an adventure tour or the complete pack can be hired to get to know the city when visiting with a canine company.

Pets Deli, the canine paradise © Pets Deli

Evelyn's Snobby Dogs does not hide its pretensions: you have to treat your pet like a king or queen and do not skimp on means to get it, even if it may be somewhat posh. The before and after photos that they publish on their website are the most explanatory. They are found in the Sophie-Charlotten-Strasse. 36 from Charlottenburg, but they also offer home delivery.

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