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Editor'S Choice - 2020

'Leonsburg' or how Leon gets gafapasta

Yes, we already know that the sausage of the 'new' bicha is still deliciously 'edge', that the Bodega Regia sausage gives off the perfect smoked and that the Cocinandos has a Michelin star, but new airs are coming to the city: the walls they are covered with hydraulic tiles, the chairs seem to be taken from your EGB class and kirtch details - like a giant head of a blue rhinoceros - will accompany you on the table.

It's been a year since the Tribeca Snack Bar arrived at the Ordoño Passage to revolutionize the Leonese hotel landscape with its exposed brick wall, its industrial chairs and that charming inner courtyard with live concerts (also suitable for non-smokers). And today they still surprise us with alternative initiatives such as their musical vermouth in the Romantic Market of the Sierra Pambley Foundation, fashion stalls, footwear, accessories, etc.

They may have been pioneers, but they are not the only ones. A fever for aesthetics vintage It seems to have taken over the city, which dusts its original walls and adapts them to the new times with posters with messages, luminous letters and ornaments of the craziest. Leon gafapasta: despite who weighs, here there are also hipster. Better than just bachelor parties, right?

Tribeca musical vermouth at the Romantic Market of the Sierra Pambley Foundation. © D.R.


To the madness of chairs, those of the Made in Italy pizzeria, which - as they say in a funny way in other European cities - It has a cathedral at the entrance. Here each tablecloth is of a different pattern and minimalism prevails in such a way that the original place (street neighbor) came to have only one table, but None of this matters when the burrata salad with roasted peppers over low heat and canons is sprinkled with a real 24-month old Parmesan. If you have already decided to go, when you reserve a table by phone, do not forget to do the same with the tiramisu, if you do not want to try it. With authentic mozzarella and made with Italian flour 00, the specialties are homemade curried chicken pizza and Made in Italy, which is topped with a ham 5 jotas from Huelva.

The marked aesthetic of La Mary. © D.R.


This restaurant landed in the Wet District with its aesthetic 'measure' to Lázaro Rosa-Violán: blue and white tiles, leather, velvet, dishes in closets, bottles everywhere and lighting that more than lamps sometimes seem like spaceships. La mary has managed to captivate with its prices a public accustomed to not paying for tapas and boasts market cuisine with contemporary touches that bet on products of km 0, such as pepper from Bierzo, cecina de León or meat Valles del Esla. On weekends it is usually almost full, so it is best to go with a reservation (in addition, they are quite understanding and have no problem waiting for a group of five girls who are painting their eyes, sorry, I mean they are trying to park downtown).

In the middle of the wet © La Mary


In the attic of the Conde Luna hotel, the old town of León never had such primacy in a restaurant in the capital. Creative, but without forgetting the local cuisine, its kitchen competes with the views of Botines, the Tower of the Rooster of San Isidoro, the Palacio de los Guzmanes and the Cathedral. Bet on dishes to share (potato chips with sardinilla and ali oli, pizza-taco of beans and meat, little curd potato omelette with caramelized onion, etc.), but also for more blunt ones, such as the fish squid in their hook Ink with rice or sirloin tacos with chips and standard peppers. Okay, Pascua Ortega may not be the most industrial interior designer in the world, but this time he hasn't forgotten about the golden mirrors, the plates on the walls and the mix of chairs of all kinds.

Booties views from niMú. © D.R.


The most clueless will not know that El Quijote and his 'board' games have gone to a better life. Instead, Mama Tere has put a little more head on the Plaza Mayor, more specifically a giant head of a blue velvet rhinoceros. They drink the seasonal product and for this San Frolilán they have prepared some Ferrero Rocher of black pudding with fresh cheese and sour applesauce bathed in hazelnuts. Here the garlic soups become sophisticated and the wine list is like a kind of ode to the tradition of having the appetizer, or going short as it is styled in León. He stick Mango and chicken with spicy sauce has quickly become its star top.

Goodbye, Quixote. Hello, gastrobar Mama Tere. © D.R.


"Something has changed here," were presented on the entrance sign of the Becook restaurant. And that, in León, we all know that it is complicated. A fresh and urban kitchen has come unexpectedly and it has caught us all by surprise. Who has been could believe that this restaurant is outside the plot line of this report for its simple decoration and nothing strident, but it is that David and Mario's kitchen does not need artifacts to differentiate itself: with a careful aesthetic that rejects the ordinary and flavors Honest accompanied by creative names: Salmon "perfect", Take bread and moja! in curry, etc. You see how they are hipster!

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Wagyu burguer, chedar, truffled onion and arugula in Becook. © D.R.

Has anyone said Ferrero Rocher de Morcilla? © Mom Tere

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