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Editor'S Choice - 2020

A gastronomic route through Sanxenxo

Sanxenxo is the tourist reference par excellence of the region of O Salnés. A small town on the Galician coast, bathed by the Ría de Pontevedra and the Ría de Arosa, which over the years has become the most demanded holiday destination in the area. It could be said that it is the Galician Marbella, the pearl of the Rías Baixas, and offers everything you need for an unforgettable summer: countless blue flag beaches - such as Silgar, Canelas, Paxariñas, Montalvo and Bascuas -, its lively nightlife Puerto Deportivo, and of course an exquisite cuisine, which is why we are in Galicia. We discovered a unique route of restaurants that you should not miss.


The seafood restaurant par excellence of Sanxenxo, perfect to enjoy the best product of Galicia. The restaurant is located above the sea, with a pleasant terrace overlooking the harbor and an interior with classic decoration. Its cuisine is a tribute to seafood and fish, whose quality and freshness is guaranteed as they have their own seafood cooker, which makes prices very competitive. If you are looking for tradition and raw material this is the place. No need to save room for desserts, it is better to enjoy a monkfish with clams. The only drawback - as in all restaurants in summer - is that you will have to be patient to get a table.

You can't leave without trying: A seafood platter for two people for 40 euros that includes two nécoras and an ox, steamed mussels, cockles, prawns and grilled razors, and seaweed clams.

Rua de Madrid, 24 Tel: (+34) 986 690 839

Barnacles, the jewels of the sea © Restaurante Carmen


Located in the marina, this establishment is an evolution of a family business dating from 1982. In this restaurant all Galician cuisine tradition is modernizedoffering Current dishes with a different touch, They make it unique with respect to the other places around it. Examples are fried octopus on potato emulsion, or homemade mussels pie with sausage. If you are looking for more classic flavors, do not hesitate with hake loins with turnip greens or thighs and quail breast with wine in two textures.

You can't leave without trying: The foie on caramelized French toast with reduction of Pedro Ximénez.

Praia dos Barco, 2 Tel: (+34) 986 723 412


A perfect restaurant for an informal dinner. Its cuisine goes a step beyond the typical Galician offer, and dares with beautiful sashimi, red tuna tataki and fresh pasta sautéed in soybeans with prawns. Different delicacies to rest from both seafood and fish cooked in a classic way. And if you are looking for something green, your salads are the best choice, especially the "del mar" with apple, tetilla cheese, prawns and peanut.

You can't leave without trying: Broken eggs with fresh foie and candied onion. It seems simple but your palate can not forget that juiciness and unique blend of flavor. Here it is mandatory to order dessert, and decide on between the banana cake, dulce de leche and cream or the little jar of white chocolate mousse with strawberries and Greek yogurt.

Praia dos Barco s / n Tel: (+34) 986 691 949

Symphony of mushrooms with foie and poached egg, on the Terraza del Mar © Ana Fernández Maillo


A hotel and restaurant that has one of the most envied terraces of Sanxenxo, for its sea views, its comfort and tranquility. If we add a delicious cuisine with an original touch, it is logical that this place is an essential summer. We recommend going hungry, because your letter is so appealing that you want to try everything. Do not be fooled with their chicken chips entree thinking they are simple nuggets, their texture of wavy Ruffles potatoes and their honey and mustard sauce is spectacular. The symphony of mushrooms with poached egg yolk, foie and potatoes and tempura prawns with curry mayonnaise are a safe choice, but if something deserves a special mention are their new sea burgers: mackerel stuffed with gouda cheese with mash Apple, standard peppers and cakes, of octopus with melted San Simón cheese, and squid in its ink with gouda cheese melted, caramelized onions and chips with spice mayonnaise. We assure you that you will not miss the meat.

You can't leave without trying: His octopus pizza with Galician cheese. Intense but necessary.

Paseo de Praia de Silgar, 42 Tel: (+34) 986 720 144


If you want to get away from the urban center and get into something authentic and rural you should go to this grill restaurant. An old stone house with old decoration, many flowers and occasionally live music. Its charm will transfer you to the most genuine Galicia. Your kitchen is simple and unpretentious, with lifelong dishes at an unbeatable price. Grilled meats are their specialty, especially the entrecôte, although the fish from the estuary does not disappoint and always watered with a house albariño. To finish the homemade cheesecake, a coffee of coffee and coffee liquor.

You can't leave without trying: The tomato "Maruca", with fresh basil and virgin olive oil.

Place of Barrosa, 43 Tel: (+34) 619 534 056

Mexican tacos with melted cheese, in El Patio de Román © Ana Fernández Maillo


Pontevedra's legendary restaurant, Casa Román, has opened a branch in Sanxenxo, but don't expect it to be the same. They have nothing to do in terms of culinary style, but in quality and attention. So many years of experience ensure that what they do, they always do well. A cozy local and a quiet patio-patio, away from the hustle and bustle of Silgar beach and the port, they make it very appealing for a summer dinner. Its simple and short letter makes it easier to decide between typical dishes such as Padron peppers or fried xoubiñas, or modern as creamy prawn delicacies or octopus and mussels basket in tempura. And the best, their prices and the little skeletons they distribute while you wait.

You can't leave without trying: Mexican tacos with melted cheese.

Carlos Casas Street, 2 Tel: (+34) 986 720 031

Scallop on potato parmentier and asparagus vinaigrette. © Carmen Restaurant

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