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In search of the perfect hotel bed

Sleep soundly, that famous phrase that we owe to the time when the prisoners wore shackles to sleep and for their good behavior they received as a prize spend a night without any chain -With the subsequent rest-, it is a difficult experience to achieve when we travel. However, sometimes we find a bed that Turn rest into a narcotic pleasure.

Hotel managers study their clients, especially to those who return to their rooms for business again and again. Aware of the importance of a good night's sleep, They have devised beds for all tastes. Restful rest depends on the quality of the bed, of the bed, invention of the Egyptians, who receives us during the hours in which we recharge energy.

In search of the perfect bed at the Westin company they studied and compared over a year more than fifty models of thirty-five hotel brands worldwide. The result was the creation of the Heavenly bed which since the late nineties has become A pioneer of a style. The result was a bed with a mattress of thirty centimeters, goose down comforter, pillows with two types of firmness and three sheets of Egyptian cotton thread They literally hug you when you lie down.

Bed "All white" It has had a great impact on the design of the rooms of the last decade. Few are the hotel rooms that today do not offer a simple white bed, symbol of luxury and comfort.

It makes you want to jump in © Westin

To create their beds in Park Hyatt hotels they also use cotton sheets with three hundred threads. “At Park Hyatt we try to escape the cushions and the scenery, we want a clean bed that invites you to lie on it”Explains the hotel manager in Los Angeles. Beds with firm, less firm or even orthopedic mattresses They can be ordered in advance in most hotels because for them to welcome the weary traveler among their sheets is the distinction of their brand.

Comfort for the traveler: the house brand © Park Hyatt West Hollywood

Other famous chains for their comfortable beds are the Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York, the Four Season in Los Angeles, the bed tempur-pedic of the Rivington of New York, the beds of the Affinia hotels with their system mattresses posturepedic that help hold your back and offer six types of pillows, the San Francisco W hotel beds that add blankets from cashmere or the Martinique hotel in New York with a certain number of rooms with beds with firm mattresses, others with softer mattresses, and others with firm-regulated mattresses.

Chasmere blankets as a solution © Hotel W San Francisco

The demand for comfortable beds has unleashed a huge competition among the big hotel companies for getting especially to Businessman. Cities like Washington, New York, Toronto or San Francisco Millions of dollars have been invested in pillows, mattresses, comforters and sheets.
The Sheraton chain has made the program Sweet Sleeper Bed (Sweet Dreams Bed), while the Carlson company was put in the hands of the Canadian company Select Comfort for the manufacture of bed mattresses that work with an air system that allows adjustment with an adjustable control mattress firmness to the taste of the consumer.

An air system allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress © Select Comfort

But far from comfort there are other types of beds more extravagant that demand the attention of the tourist, from the romantic ones we found in the floating rooms of the Four Seasons of Bora Bora, considered the best hotel in the South Pacific, even those outdoors at the Amangiri hotel in the Colorado Canyon in Utah or at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Outdoors © Amangiri

Sleeping becomes something unforgettable next to the Kapamba river in the Zungulila Bush camp, in the Zambia National Park or in the luxurious bed created by Pashan Garh in the Panna National Park of India or in front of the immense view of Beijing at the Opposite hotel.

Sleep is the experience itself © Zungulila Bush

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