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Madrid with magnifying glass: Manuela Malasaña street in four unrepeatable businesses

If we go down Fuencarral from Quevedo and cross the Glorieta de Bilbao, the first street on the right hand side announces that we enter the most famous neighborhood in Spain, according to those who inhabit it and the thousands of visitors who are crowding it. Manuela Malasaña extends along 39 numbers as a gigantic welcome fence until it flows into San Bernardo, and is a fairly approximate sample of what we can find multiplied more if we continue the walk on this side of 28004.


Sometimes the best idea is in the background of a glass ... of milk. White Pitcher, the project of Adrián and Nacho, born of a doubt in full enjoyment of the white element "Why does it have to be a luxury to drink fresh milk?" After investigating the matter they found the solution: open a dairy and stock it with product brought directly from the Sierra de Madrid and adjoining areas to achieve unbeatable quality / price ratio. The location was also part of the thorough study, as corresponds to a (first) business venture. "We think that such an idea would have a better reception in a neighborhood like this, open to these initiatives. And so it has been. ” The white letter is completed with all known vegetable milks and a large assortment of yogurts and sweets. You can combine everything in great gift boxes, which at this time you can not reach any house to swell with empty hands.

An ode to fresh milk © Cántaro Blanco


Zapatelas is "Carmena's shop", yes. Before his obligations monopolized his time there he was “Every Saturday with coffee your muffins”, says Meli, one of the clerks. But that is still a good anecdote within a full idea of ​​generosity. This clothing store for children up to 3 years is part of “Sewing unemployment”, a project that aims help in their reintegration inmates from different prisons and other people at risk of social exclusion. Cutting and sewing for a better life.

Manuela with Manolito in Manuela Malasaña <3 © Zapatelas

The most famous Manuela in Madrid, after Malasaña itself, was the driving force behind the project, both in thought and work, “I constantly visited prisons and workshops”. Among minizapatos made without seams - the name of the establishment comes from them - and the first pieces of a life, scale versions of those seen in the neighborhood, smile Manuelitas and Manuelitos, the star dolls among the toys, that there are also. In case the gifts, go.

Zapatelas seamless shoes © Zapatelas

In the middle of the street bustle we find a haven of peace, so warm that the temperature contrast with the outside almost makes me sleepy when entering. The combination of light and silence creates the ideal relaxing environment. This is the It him Kadampa Meditation Center, nemesis of seeing and being seen, here you look inwards. Each to yours. “We think that this is a neighborhood where people, because of their mentality, would welcome us positively. It's people open minded", Affirms one of those responsible that with a kind smile prefers to ignore his name because"here we are all volunteers. We want people to know this to be happier. ” The most diverse public goes to classes to find that inner balance that allows him to face his daily life with serenity and balance.

Modern Buddhism © Kadampa Meditation Center

But above all, and although the scenario has changed a lot, too much for some nostalgic, Malasaña is still a bar area. At the end of the street is the Green club, which has everything at the bar and yet that is only a small part. Of the Irish pub attempt on which he stands (which in turn relieved a business of those that closed so late that closed early, say those who remember) there is nothing left. Now two floors, glazed and bright the upper one, the lower one is bricked and intimate, They allow, literally, to spend a whole day there without any hardship, in full enjoyment of great solid and liquid quality that arrives from the kitchen and the bar. Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner every day, sessions of the best house weekend. Unmissable, however big and good, there is nothing wrong there.

There's nothing wrong here © Green Club

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