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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Basel: hedonism in the city for cultural gourmets

The cable ferry Basler Fähren takes time to travel the two banks of the Rhine. Few will regret the slow path, which allows you to enjoy the physiognomy of Basel, separated by a few kilometers from the borders of France and Germany.

Despite having only 160,000 inhabitants It is one of the world capitals of design and contemporary art thanks to two proper names: Vitra and the fair Art Basel. The architecture and the gastronomy They are also part of the exquisite menu of this Swiss city.

In Spain we play almost a bar by the head in this Swiss place the same thing happens with museums. In a building created by Californian Frank Gehry on the outskirts of the city is the Vitra Museum, where the design threatens to cause the visitor a good Stendhal syndrome. Its careful program of temporary exhibitions focuses in the coming months on the validity of a centennial institution such as the Bauhaus, in the design as an instrument for social protest and in the work of Interior designer and textile artist Alexander Girard. Inside there are those considered by the one hundred masterpieces of everyday design, including the Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe and the Tulip de Saarinen. In addition, the Vitra Campus sets its sights on the architecture and the agenda of activities of this museum is full of workshops for all types of audiences. As to stay to live inside.

The Vitra Museum by Frank Gehry © Corbis

He Basel's historic center, full of 15th-century buildings, is one of the best preserved from all over Europe. Also one of those that best coexist with the modern architecture of current stars, such as Mario Botta (the BIS Building and the Tinguely Museum are yours) or Diener & Diener The main studio of Herzog & De Meuron is located in the city, which is watered by works by these two local stars. Almost twenty works of his can be found in the streets. Highlights the spectacular, especially at night, St Jakob Park Stadium, which also functions as a shopping center, for those who do not like football and do not feel moved by modern architecture.

It is a pleasure to walk through its streets © Corbis

A new edition of Art Basel is celebrated every June, the art fair that brings together more than 280 galleries and 4,000 creators and that it has opened branches in Miami and Hong Kong, after the success of the European meeting. To enjoy the event you have to be a scholar of the new trends, since in the amalgam of proposals that make up your program there is also room to spot the odd ones Picasso, Warhol or Jeff Koons. The public squares, theaters and other common areas of Basel are aimed at the party.

One of the exhibitions of Art Basel 2015. © Corbis

But not only intellectual entertainment feeds Basel. Haute cuisine is also considered culture. To say that Schloss Bottmingen Ensures fairytale dinners is in this case, in addition to a cheesy journalistic resource, a literal truth. This 14th century castle located on the outskirts of the city has a dream team from resident and guest chefs to offer memorable seasonal menus. An example of what happens between its four medieval walls: on a Sunday in January chef Andy Zaugg invites his friends who are experts in gastronomy, as in Raphael's Christmas specials, and together they create a menu all star theme inspired by the truffle and all its variants and its consequent pairing with the best wines.

One of the rooms of Schloss Bottmingen © Schloss Bottmingen

And of dessert, you have to stop at one of the stores chain stores gourmet Läckerli Huus: Heaven on Earth, without exaggerating a bit. Flûtes de Bâle (stuffed wafers), Gelée Russe (Russian jelly) and the Basler Läckerli (An indigenous modality of gingerbread, with a more secret formula than Coca-Cola) are some of its specialties. How souvenir it's a safe bet.

A paradise for the sweet tooth © Läckerli Huus

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