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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Vanessa Hudgens the mess with a trip on Instagram

She is not the only famous woman who has bundled her brown in her travels, the list is not short. Being an international star is not easy. First of all you have thousands of eyes following your life with more emotion than the Sports Carousel. And you also think, how are you not going to communicate with your fans on social networks? It is the most direct and spontaneous way! Of course, when the time comes to make a heart in a protected area (such as Coconino National Forest) ... stop! Don't do like Vanessa Hudgens.

The tones and landscapes of Coconino National Forest in Arizona it passes from the pine forests, to the alpine tundra to volcanic peaks. On one of her protected rocks, the actress recorded her name and boyfriend, took a picture and uploaded it to Instagram (now it is gone). Vanessa Hudgens faces a crime whose sentence is set between six months in prison and a maximum fine of $ 3,500, as published in Huffintong Post.

Landscapes of the Coconino National Forest © Corbis

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