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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The good life club is enjoyed in Madrid

The conception of the good life has taken a radical turn in recent years. Before, the idea of ​​a "good life" was linked to the mundane, to the dissipated, to excesses in every way, the night without measure, great eaters, high-risk sports ... Now, the healthy and the care of the mind they have become essential, banishing extreme pleasures to one more possibility, where silence and authenticity rule.

Madrid Warehouse is more than a terrace: it is savoir vivre © Warehouse Madrid

The wonderful palace The Fifth Marquis of the Concord of Madrid, located in María de Molina 25 street in Madrid, is the new operations center of this approach. The building, of the nineteenth century and romantic style, was built by order of José Fernando de Abascal, Marqués de la Concordia, and has been remodeled and set with a colonial, sober and refined style. You breathe the peace of the clubs of another time, where the hours passed, where time reached another dimension and slowed down so that members and guests could concentrate without haste in the pleasures within reach, including silence.

“We like to call this new idea of ​​space, as 'the club of experiences'. That is, an invitation to discover a sense of relaxation together with the excellence of gastronomy, wine and other products such as oil, cheese and rum, all under the name of WareHouse, we are farmers since 1366”Comments María Fernández de la Vega, the Communication Director of the project.

Exclusivity and land products © Warehouse Madrid

The products of the earth are the protagonists of the awakening of senses that seem lost in urban life, fast and changing. The main motto is: “From the farm to your table”, a very graphic way of describing your seasonal cuisine, with a homemade touch. Your chef, Juan Martínez-Alonso, has prepared a natural and simple 21st century cuisine, in which the chef's technical expertise is put at the service of the ingredients, so that they show the full potential of their quality.

Ode to the natural product © The Haciendas

The roots of this gastronomic tree of the new club are very deep, they reach an old Salamanca farm located in one of the most spectacular valleys of the Iberian Peninsula, the Douro Valley. In 1366, Inés de Limoges The Treasury donated to the Dominican friars in exchange for saving the soul of her late husband. The friars lived there and cultivated the land and wheat fields. After almost a century, in 1485, Christopher Columbus stayed at Hacienda Zorita while trying to raise funds that would lead him to cross the Atlantic and follow an alternative route to Marco Polo to get to China ... or so he thought. Columbus strolled through its gardens of redwoods, maples, cypresses and holm oaks, dreaming of that journey of discovery and exploration of the other, but also of oneself.

The ingredients that you will taste at Warehouse Madrid are born here © Hacienda Zorita

He tormes river literally goes under the main house, turned into a first class hotel, belonging to Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and for whose rehabilitation the architects are responsible Ignacio Lliso and Julián Manzano-Monís. The winery has the design of José María Pérez, Peridis, author of the monumental roof of the main nave. In the design of interior design, a monacal atmosphere with sober furniture and some contemporary pieces of wood that bring warmth and the idea of ​​serene luxury.

Hacienda Zorita from the air © D.R.

“We like to call our environment Spanish Tuscany by the magnitude of the nature that surrounds us and the historical value of each town and surrounding city. And also, Duero Valley, to connect it with the international context, although we are proud of the Iberian essence. Our sausages and Iberian hams, oil, cheeses and wine have been awarded internationally several times. ”, Explains Duarte Gonçalves da Cunha, General Director of Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa and the new Madrid club.

In one of the business areas of Madrid, full of offices and MBA students from the surrounding schools, This club invites you to relax in the middle of the day, have breakfast, lunch or dinner well, and meet or relax in your flirtatious inner garden.

Soon you can also buy natural products in the gourmet store Warehouse in Spain, with the same philosophy, Slow food, the slowness of good work. And it will expand The Haciendas Club, the meeting point in Madrid for the almost 1,000 members of the Members' Club Without Walls Born in London 5 years ago, by Richard Macadam and Jaime Boville Gª de Vinuesa.

Corner of the new Warehouse club © Warehouse Madrid

As a curiosity, they also have a Rhum Bar, a concept of cocktails brought from St. Kitts & Nevis, two of the West Indies islands, where the distillery of the brand developed exclusively for the club is located, SISTER ISLES ™, a rum of limited and handmade production.

Despite the exclusivity of all the experiences offered by the club, it is not of a closed nature: It is open to all lovers of exquisiteness and tranquility, a club to dream about the most important trip we can experience, the discovery of the "good life".

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