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Editor'S Choice - 2020

This girl draws coffee as if it were a canvas

Are we going crazy with the coffee cult? Is latte our new golden calf? We do not know very well what to answer these questions, but something must be happening for there to be an artist who has been specializing in Make little drawings about your drink. And we don't talk about the typical little flowers made with milk.

You can ask almost any image! © Melaquino

Melanie, a Hawaiian who works at the Elite Audio Coffee Bar in San Francisco, treat coffee like a canvas, and in it he draws, in less than five minutes, Amazing and recognizable ways: an ice cream, an animal, the name of a series, popular culture characters ... With the spoon, prepare the form, and with a thin tube filled with chocolate, Paint the details.

Thanks to his particular art form he has become a star on Instagram -till Zuckerberg reposts it-, and it is also on the network where warn of the days and hours you will be drawing in caffeine Check it in case you go through California and want to take a personalized souvenir ... although ephemeral. Or simply, entertain yourself by watching how you carry out your small creations: It is practically therapeutic!

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