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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The street of Madrid that is reborn from its ashes

Santa Teresa Street exists, and do not see how it is getting, because in a short time it has gone from being the dark side - for little traffic, not for dangerous - to being in the eye of the hurricane. New trends are brewing here, opening original stores and, most importantly, returning to the Salesas neighborhood the prominent place in the city's gastro and flirtatious panorama. These are their novelties.

The street is reborn from its ashes © Barbara Ann


A garito with a woman's name, specifically the protagonist of one of the mythical classics Beach boys, is the last to arrive. Her name is Barbara Ann (Santa Teresa, 8) and his thing is pure glamor and sophistication with a crapula and very rock soul. So rocker that it doesn't matter what time of day it is, because as soon as you enter, it gets dark. And what can one do in a place where Blondie and Bowie Do they receive you on arrival (be careful, they are not the only ones) Drink, and very well, based on signature combinations, such as Punk -ron, mango, pineapple and a spicy touch-, Sweet Jane-strawberry strawberry, lemon juice, raspberry and blueberries- or the Basil and Orange Mojito , a classic reversed. To accompany, an informal pecking letter with unconventional proposals for a place with these characteristics - together with the decoration, the kitchen is what gives that sophisticated pointor-, such as salmorejo with Parmesan ice cream and infusion of fresh basil, roll of beef tenderloin roll with brioche bread or Norwegian salmon sashimi with wakame seaweed and wasabi ice cream. Welcome Barbara!

The rock of Santa Teresa © Barbara Ann


It has soul of take away, but in Cripeka (Santa Teresa, 2) You want to stay for a while, sit down and enjoy your coffee, sandwiches or salads. This site puts one of the most informal and spontaneous notes of the street, as it is not necessary to book to have a drink. At first glance it is seen that it is a cozy space, decorated in light and citrus tones, and in letter, proposals to enjoy with memory: pastry made from the recipes of the great-grandmothers of the owners of the premises, freshly roasted coffee, fresh milk ... In addition, they have salty proposals, such as their sandwiches with Spanish surname -Sánchez, Benítez, Rodríguez ... - and salads, woman's name -Mari Trini, Mari Juani, Mari Pepi ... -. And to carry, everything you want from your letter, or from the refrigerated showcases in the living room, to pamper yourself at home or wherever you want.

All of your letter can be ordered as take away © Cripeka


Bocacalle (Santa Teresa, 2) a well-deserved gap has been made in the most prominent options of the street at lunch or dinner. Among other reasons, because it is one of the first places in Madrid where the street food with respect that in many occasions it deserves. Because eating with your fingers does not mean having to do it badly or quickly.

You don't eat anything here; submerged in a total street environment - two spaces, aside the more avant-garde and scoundrel, as if a street food stall got fully into the restaurant -cooked sight included-, and on the other, a more intimate and collected space, but nothing traditional. In menu, dishes of street food of the world those who have been given a tour, especially in relation to the product - one hundred per cent Spanish - and in the elaboration processes - grandmother's tradition in abundance and stews of a lifetime. Unforgivable to get out of here without trying the stew-dog, his version of hot dog made with pork cheek, or his star dessert to date, under the suggestive title 'Grandma likes cheese.'

You don't eat anything here © Bocacalle


He was one of the first to arrive and, unknowingly, became the gateway for other options with much punch. Is called Meat (Santa Teresa, 4), although it is better known as the burger site, because they only have one; but it is no problem to go and have to repeat again and again, because it is delicious. Its very young owners were inspired by local New York, London or Berlin for this concept of cocktail bar in which you can snack something, but little, because the kitchen should not be the protagonist - in fact, they have no letter -, although with a proposal of cheeseburger like this, to eat with your hands -There are no cutlery- and get stained to the elbow, it is impossible to go unnoticed. The claim is the drinks and cocktails of the author, and there is no doubt, because the cocktail bar is the one who welcomes you as soon as you enter the decorated room, by the way, in the purest New York industrial style, based on recovered materials.

Here you will eat without cutlery: GÓZALO © MEAT

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