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Florida Retiro, Madrid recovers its mythical party room and much more

After years of inactivity and a great reform, the new Florida Park reopens its doors in the heart of the East Retreat Saturday, October 1. But it will not only be a temple of Madrid night, but also a gastronomic corner by day.

The reopening of the year © Florida Park

“No one moves from here until the earring appears,” said La Faraona, Lola Flores, in the middle of a concert in the old Florida Park when he realized that he had lost one of his jewelry. The earring never appeared and she continued singing. Or so they count. The Florida Park It's full of stories like this. The mythical Madrid party hall in the middle of the Retiro Park It's full of stories and anecdotes like that. They have passed from Tina Tuner to Julio Iglesias on their stage. On your dance floor and between your tables and bars ... let your hand raise who will never step on it before it closes.

The Florida Park reopens now renamed Florida Retreat. And like his name, many things have changed and many things remain the same. In the architectural reform directed by Guillermo García-Hoz and the rehabilitation and decoration designed by Easter Ortega, the mythical dome and the facade of The Smuggler's House, as a reminder of the last whim that Fernando VII was ordered to build when the Retreat were still royal gardens. They have also respected the great ferris wheel of blood (water mill pushed by animals) that was discovered in the basement of the building last year in full work.

It is also a gastronomic space © Florida Park

The rest is all new. DThe space itself is now divided into five different proposals to the global concept: Florida Retiro is no longer just a temple of the Madrid night, but also many plans in a single space for the whole day. A different way to learn to enjoy the park, one more excuse to go.

Joaquín Felipe, the chef behind the Urban hotel and the Aspen restaurant, has been responsible for designing all gastronomic proposals. In the Pavilion You eat a la carte urban cuisine, traditional and current, based on local products. In the gallery, the atmosphere is more relaxed and informal, with a menu of tapas and portions and a foot set in the park in its semi-open space. On the terrace you enjoy the views and the offer raw bar. And finally in The kiosks is the most familiar area with six street food stalls, from meat to salads, with names that honor the park: The Pond, The Cow House ...

But the new Florida Retreat would not pay homage to the original without respecting its nocturnal tradition. The Hall, as it is called, the mythical hall in which Lola Flores lost her slope, and through which they passed Liza Minnelli or Ray Charles, will continue being the soul of the place and aspires to be again the soul of the Madrid night. On Thursdays a Big Bang will liven up dinners and afternoons in a baptized session Chattanooga Club. And on Fridays and Saturdays the show schedule will change. To boot: the Yllana company (The Hole) will take care of the first show nights with a new show, Pandora Nights.


Because as they say in these cases, you should not wait to be told. It is probably the biggest (re) opening of the year in Madrid. And you have to go, in your hand and decide when you go: if during the night rogue, or during the cheerful day.


The recovery of the concept PARTY ROOM. Live! "And from here I will not move until my earring appears," we will say every weekend.


Direction: Paseo República de Panamá, 1. Retiro Park Entrance through the Puerta de la Reina Mercedes (Av. Menéndez Pelayo corner Calle Ibiza). 28009 Madrid

Schedule: The galery (Tapas Bar), El Pabellón (à la carte restaurant), The Kiosks, The Terrace: from 12: 00-00: 00. The Pandora Nights Room: V-S. Dinner show 21:00-00:30; Pandora Party 00:30 - 3:30; Chattanooga Club Dinner + Dance + Surprises: Thursday 21: 00-3: 30

Half price: A la carte restaurant 30-40 euros.

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Madrid's new place-to-be © Florida Park

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