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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The video to fall in love with Norway and its nature

A landscape, an instant (or a lifetime) to contemplate and pure air to breathe. Happiness is very similar to that, to enjoy nature, to feel the sun in the face, to marvel at the immensity of a landscape surrounding us and to experience a stroke of reality by remembering the smallness of the human being in the face of the magnitude of a Mountain or an endless river. These sensations increase if the landscape you see is in Norway and what extends before you is the immensity of a fjord and the vertigo of a ravine hundreds of meters deep.

The vastness of nature © Alamy Stock Photo

Because sometimes we forget how small we are, videos like this one, made by Spectacular Norway, are necessary. Behind this Facebook page are Frank and Simen Haughom, father and son, who are dedicated to making videos with those who capture the beauty of the Norwegian landscape. In this case, the wonder made image is the work of Simen who, with only 17 years, makes the drone an extension of his sight to give us a piece of Norway.

The green of the mountains, the blue of the sky and the gray of the rocks form a visual palette that transmits to the viewer the tranquility of the Norwegian environment, the verticality of its landscape and the immensity of an environment in which Mother Nature wasted greatness.

Video: This Will Make You Fall In Love with Norway. Reasons to Visit Norway (March 2020).

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