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Inauguration of the 'White Garden' of Lady Di, with the princess's favorite flowers

No one remained indifferent to Lady Di in life, so it is normal that, 20 years after his death, his status as a Outstanding British Princess Therefore, to celebrate this anniversary, the Kensington Palace has decided to inaugurate designed gardens as it would have liked this controversial figure of royalty.

'Beautiful'! © Kensington Palace

"The idea of White garden came up talking to gardeners who used to work here in Kensigton and listening her memories of princess Diana"explains Sean Harkins, chief gardener of Historic Royal Palaces From london. "Kensington was his home for 15 years, and she used to go through our historic "submerged" gardens to admire the changing flower shows, stopping at talk to workers. With this idea in mind, we found it appropriate to mark this year's anniversary with a planting scheme that celebrate and remember the princess".

Simple and elegant © Alamy

Therefore, the feeling that aims to inspire the garden, with tulips, daffodils, field lilies and forget-me-nots of light colors - which will give rise to a lush fabric in summer composed of white roses, "cosmos" daisies and vanilla flowers- it's "simple and elegant, but also cheerful", according to Harkins.

Vanilla flowers will give the place an unmistakable aroma © Kensington Palace

"We have been planning the garden for almost 18 months, and for that We have chosen the princess's favorite flowers and we have sought inspiration in some of the beautiful dresses that are part of the exhibition Diana: Her Fashion Story (the largest sample of garments worn by Lady Di, located in Kensington), as the famous dress 'Elvis', with embedded pearls. "

18 months of care © Kensington Palace

"We started with a base of whites and creams and we have been adding flowers in light yellow, pink, silver and even some in dark purple"continues the artist. This design has been created in order to evoke a feeling" of joyful celebration", which is what Harkins would like visitors to take away from space." The garden has always been designed to be seen from the outside, like a painting, so everyone enjoys the best views! ", explains for those who decide to visit the work of art, which will last until the end of summer and whose access is gratuitous.

All this beauty is waiting for you © Kensington Palace

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