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Puy du Fou or how to show that the concept "theme park" is much more

Surely you remember with tedium the history classes of the school; those monotonous sermons full of dates, names impossible to remember and people fighting over territories. You close your eyes just thinking about it, you're sleepy ... very sleepy ... WAKE UP! In Puy du Fou the story is not told, it is lived!

Puy du Fou © Alamy

¿Pidifú? Pudufó? This theme park, named (very) French, located in full Loire Valley and mysteriously unknown in Spain, it has become a benchmark for theme parks European, winning in 2012 and 2014 the title “Thea Award ”for the Best Theme Park in the World.

Can you imagine what it would be like to witness a gladiatorial fight (hungry lions included) within a replica of the Colosseum? Would you like to visit a trench in World War I and then drop into the Belle French Epoque? What if I tell you that you will immerse yourself fully in the history of the American War of Independence, surrounded by a 360º stage built specifically for the “Last Panaché”, winner of the “Thea Award” for the Best Show of 2017? Amazing, right? Well, it's even more shocking when all these historical deeds occur before your eyes.

All the shows are care millimetrically so that you live every moment as if you were inside a movie, not in vain, the music of its shows is composed of pHollywood BSO professionals, with the exclusive participation of Spanish Carlos Nunez, which puts music to one of its most important performances. Yes the very same Ridley Scott visit the park, shoot 6 or 7 movies at its facilities. In two days. (Ridley, if you're reading us, Puy du Fou is your place).

The Viking battle of Puy du Fou © Alamy

From the costumes to the scenery, going through the architecture (here there is no trap or cardboard-stone) Puy du Fou has been teaching a real for more than 40 years master class of history. It has audio guides in Spanish to understand the plot of each of its shows, but I recommend surrendering to ambient sound and live the experience in original version, because it is not necessary to know French to enjoy a burning Viking ship, descending down the hill, or the flight of over 200 raptors flying over the heads of the public in one of the best falconry choreographies in the world.

And the kids won't get bored with so much historical "rattle"? Surely they are the ones who enjoy the most artistic display and end up explaining to the adults the contests between gentlemen, villains and musketeers. The pedagogical work of the park is such that in 2015 they created the Puy du Foy Académie, an elementary school where they mix school education with the practice of performing arts.

Vikings, chariot races, assaults on castles ... In Puy du Fou, the experience of living, smelling and savoring history never ends, since in the park's surroundings there are themed hotels, perfectly equipped, so that you sleep in a medieval town, in a Gallo-Roman inspired hotel or in a Renaissance villa.

Le Camp du Drap d'Or © Puy Du Fou

Have you opened your appetite for history but going to France does not fit into your plans? If you wait until 2019, Toledo will host the opening of a Puy du Fou headquarters in our country, in the image and likeness of his French "father", but 100% dedicated to the History of Spain.

It is no accident that Toledo was the chosen destination to erect the second theme park of the Gallo group. His founder, Nicolas de Villiers, has highlighted the historical value of the city and its geographical location (very prone to tourism).

Time ministers, your moment for history has arrived!

Destination of Knight on the Puy du Fou © Alamy


- Puy du Fou is in the region of Pays de la Loire, in the village of Les Espesse

- The nearest city is Nantes (1 h.) which you can reach comfortably from Madrid with Iberia Express services

- Open from April September

- 2017 Rates: Adults from € 33 and children from € 23

- You can rent simultaneous translation headphones for € 9 (€ 15 including a € 6 deposit that is returned at the end of the day) for 2 people

- Wi-Fi is now available for free throughout the park

Quadriga in Puy du Fou © Art & Sushi

Video: France Vendee Le Puy du fou Animation complete Le premier royaume Full HD (March 2020).

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