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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Don't underestimate the power of a menu of the day: the best in the Justice neighborhood in Madrid

Temples of the daily menu to take off your hat

Temples of the daily menu to take off your hat © Lady Madonna

Although over the years the center of Madrid has been filled with franchise restaurants of dubious quality, The neighborhood of Justice contains temples from the daily menu to take off your hat. Here are ten examples of the central district of the capital.

THE MENDRUGO. Possibly one of the best restaurants in the Chueca neighborhood, an author's luxury that pokes its head between mediocre franchise and fast food restaurants. Although we already told you in his day about his wonderful calluses and his tricks, the care in your kitchen is extreme. Your daily menu could be a first of homemade tuna pickle salad or a rice with vegetables; second, melva on fried base or tortiglioni Bolognese; and for dessert, its fabulous coconut pie. Address: Colmenares street, 5. Telephone: 91.412.60.23. Price: € 13.90.

MOMO Despite being a little hidden, it is well known for its daily menu among those who work in the area. This little bistro has opted for a policy of adjusted prices, with a letter that hardly varies, with several safe options. Almodrote, salmon ceviche or tuna tataki They serve as a presentation. The menu, for a little more, can be set with the menu items. Address: Calle Libertad, 8. Telephone: 91.532.73.48. Price: € 12.

GADES HOUSE. It has been one of the most anticipated renovations of this last year, after bringing a season of bad reviews and little influx of people. The resurrected Casa Gades decided to give a twist to the fusion universe and include an interesting tapas menu who has put him back in the arena. In your daily menu we can choose between first five and five seconds where he Carpaccio of prey, cod and homemade desserts never missing. This is called resurfacing from ashes like the phoenix. Address: Conde de Xiquena Street, 4. Telephone: 91.531.26.37. Price: € 15.

KRACHAI. Lovers thai cuisine They know that Krachai is the best thing we have in Madrid, in addition to having Thai Select recognition by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand and the same Michelin guide. With a certain intimate character, the daily menu of this picturesque Thai includes a first, a second and a dessert. We configure the menu with a Soy noodle salad with prawns, hake sautéed in wok with chili and a lavish ice cream dessert. Address: Fernando VI Street, 11. Telephone: 91.833.65.56. Price: € 13.50.

Iberian dam carpaccio © Casa Gades

PETIT COMMITTEE. This fabulous restaurant located very close to the Gran Vía, officiates a civil marriage between the freshest of Mediterranean cuisine and the basics of French cuisine. We already knew him for his amazing cocktails, but his daily menu is worth mentioning, A healthy, modern and honestly priced option. The configuration of our daily menu included an Andalusian gazpacho, some fried eggs with foie and potatoes and an assortment of homemade desserts. The entrecote that is sometimes on the daily menu is spectacular. Address: Reina Street, 15. Telephone: Price: € 11.50.

LADY MADONNA. Located very close to the subway mouth of Alonso Martínez, this recently opened restaurant has surprised us with its daily menu, for its simplicity and quality. We don't just talk about their cochinita pibil tacos, grilled prawns with tandoori or flawless pasta, we already talk about a daily menu with quinoa and curried chicken salads raised to the nth power of flavor. Address: Orellana Street, 6. Telephone: 91.502.41.82. Price: € 12.50.

GASTROBAR ORIBU. It is undoubtedly the typical restaurant that cannot fail to be revelation because it is constantly changing and reinventing itself. Her French toast it is not the only remarkable thing about this temple of the Mediterranean-Japanese fusion cuisine, it's just the tip of the iceberg. Oribu hides a kitchen that dares with 'japo-gaditanos' shrimp tacos, crab okonomiyaki in crispy tempura or Goma-Ae style bluefin tuna spears. Your daily menu can include up to five dishes to choose from, where you can find Dim sum of pork, marinade with tent sauce, mushroom wok or beef tacos with Japanese wild potatoes. Do not forget to ask for the ramen. Address: Calle Barquillo, 10. Telephone: 91.524.03.17. Price: € 12.50.

THE INCA. Since the opening of Bar / M In the center of Chueca, it seems that people have forgotten that the Peruvian who cuts the cod in the neighborhood of Justicia is El Inca, and none more. The Inca, with Magalli Ferrari at the helm, he has always opted for the puritanism of the Peruvian cuisine of yesteryear, the one that goes beyond the ceviches and the tiraditos and enters the wonderful world of the anticucho, the sweat of sea bass or the picarones. The daily menu of this gastronomic god includes two first and two seconds to choose, which may well be a chicken aguadito, with fettuccine to the second huancaína and a dessert to choose. If you are looking for Peruvian franchise, pass by. Address: Calle Gravina, 8. Telephone: 91.532.77.45. Price: € 12.50.

Dim sum in Oribu Gastrobar © Oribu (Facebook)

QUEEN MARKET. It is one of the busiest places on Gran Vía for those who want to peck and end the evening with a cocktail at the Chicote Museum. But the Mercado de la Reina, in addition to trying to cover all the sticks of Spanish cuisine, keeps a curious Daily menu, simple but with an unprecedented value for money. With just two dishes to choose from (usually meat or fish), we have tried some morunos skewers and a salmorejo out of the ordinary. Ideal to take the afterwork Quietly though, yes, not suitable for those looking for little noise. Address: Gran Vía, 12. Price: € 13.50.

VEGAN FOOD MOTHER MASS. We could not close this list without the best vegan options in the district. Vegan Food Mother Dough is the latest hype as far as vegan restaurants are concerned. His concept is based on Burgers, creams, croquettes and even vegan cachopos. Also contemplate in your letter gluten free options for celiacs, so there is no excuse. Your daily menu includes a very generous single dish with drink and dessert at a more than competitive price. Their vegan pizzas start giving much to talk about. Address: Calle San Marcos, 17. Telephone: Price: € 9.50.

Vegan cachopo exists © Masa Madre Vegan Food (Facebook)

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