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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Shops in Madrid for a happy house

Six directions to make your home a happy, quiet and always stylish place

There is life beyond the decoration stores to use. The selection of this article is based on two premises: the design and quality applied to the house, no more no less.

STILL (Plaza de la Encarnación, 2)

Alambique is the oldest store in kitchen objects from Madrid. Since 1978, near the Royal Palace, has maintained the same appearance of motley hardware store dedicated only to the kitchen.

In this store you can find everything and what you don't find, you probably don't need it.

Starting with his pastry section and finishing with the wines, any utensil that a professional kitchen may have, here is its counterpart in 'pro' or amateur version.

Everything you need for your home (and much more) © Facebook / Alambique

I especially like, your selection of basics, like the large professional cutting boards, the peelers in a thousand ways or the knives for any utility you can think of.

If you don't need anything, which seems impossible to me, you can sign up for your cooking courses which are taught in the same store, and which would highlight the magnificent pasta.

MATARRANZ (Serrano Street, 30)

When someone asks me what is luxury for me, I can say it's the custom linen linen. The sheets, towels, tablecloths and napkins with borders, initials, or with tapestries ... They are and will always be the height of sophistication in this serial world in which we live.

Every time I go to Columbus, I tremble with the idea that one of the few remaining stores of a lifetime disappears, but when I see his shop windows I calm down since I think that gentrification cannot with her.

I highly recommend the linens, enduring all life, and the quality of cotton or linen It makes them indestructible to the most recalcitrant stain washes.

Matarranz © D.R.

GONZÁLEZ & GONZÁLEZ (Pelayo Street, 68)

Despite taking less than a year in Madrid, for many of us it has become a fixed pilgrimage place in the center walks. This tiny store has specialized in articles timeless, genuine and functional, to which I would add the coletilla of classics.

What do you need? A brush with a wooden handle to clean the crumbs from the table? No problem, they have it. A shower that really irrigates at a distance and is metallic? They have it too. Your objects they surpass the adjective of useful, adding that of beautiful, And that does not have competition.

Kitchen utensils of Casa González & González © Facebook / Casa González & González

PEZ CASA (Regueros street, 2)

With this store landed The current French chic in Madrid. Its owners are responsible for the Pez store on the same Regueros street, and for a long time, they had in the basement a selection of decorative objects as exquisite as your clothes. By splitting the stores, these objects have finally found their own space to display.

Absolutely spellbound I find two products: the lemon dishes of Honoré and the dishes of Astier de Villate, which they reconcile you with the silver world at a stroke.

DO DESIGN (Fernando VI Street, 13)

I can hardly count in one paragraph everything that Do brings to your home. Its owner, Lucia, carefully selects each brand that she sells and, despite coming from styles as diverse as Japanese or Swedish, everything combines perfectly.

Here you can find plates, glasses and jugs of fine glassmixed with tablecloths and even brooms that are scary to use. Every kind of bowls, trays and wicker objects (fans or carrycot) or perfect notebooks to write down the recipes you cook daily.

Entering the universe of Do is immersing yourself in an ideal world where all colors and fabrics blend perfectly combining with each other. with elegance and naturalness.

Nordic and chic style © Do Design

WOMAN (Goya Street, 9)

For those of us who live in Madrid or travel a lot, Muji is an old acquaintance, but for everyone it is a place that gives great joys since you enter through its door.

The Japanese giant does not sell its entire catalog outside Japan (I admit that I almost cried in his Tokyo store where I came back lined with things), but the selection is very worth it.

The cooking part is very complete. However, the one that always leaves me speechless is that of cleaning, where a simple mop becomes a decent white piece descended from Apple with a special storage box. Everything in this store is basic and addictive.

Madrid live a fantastic era of gourmet store boiling, who are educating in the beauty of everyday objects and who, in passing, make our lives much better.

Video: SHOPPING IN MADRID. Spain Travel Vlog. JASMINA PURI (March 2020).

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