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Why Marrakech is perfect for a bachelorette party (or a trip with your friends)

With friends and a city as impressive as Marrakech to enjoy endless

Djemma El Fna, the square where everything happens © iStock

We are fully involved in the field of 'weddings 2018'. And what is associated with a wedding? A Bridal shower in style. Take the bride, your group of besties and get ready to enjoy a memorable experience.

One of your best friends marries. And the only thing that matters now is to unite the forever group and prepare a weekend between cottons for the future matchmaker.

For it, We set sail for Marrakech. The idea is to enjoy a few days of rest, luxury and some hustle and bustle in the fashion destination.

Majorelle Gardens © iStock


Here the thing starts to get complicated. You can choose between riads worthy of a dream or large hotels such as La Mamounia, Mandarin Oriental or La Sultana. In or out of La Medina? Two rooms or one for all? First of all, you have to think that at least you will be a group of five, so taking a room for everyone will be almost impossible. Just a bath? No kidding. What you really want is to be all together.

As well, we have found the perfect site. It does not appear in travel guides, nor in top ten of accommodation. How did you become famous then? By Instagram, that network that knows everything and sees everything.

We take a look to see that there paraded from stars on the screen to the most influential traveler bloggers. Is called La Maison Marrakech, run by Nicole French Manfron. Nicole acquired the property a few years ago and decided to create there the perfect refuge for travelers, that is, an Eden within the bustle of the city.

Pool of La Maison Marrakech © Tara Milk Tea

It can accommodate six guests, three rooms with bathroom included, kitchen, pool and -oh, yes- a photo roof where sunbeds are not lacking, an outdoor fireplace for cooler nights and the possibility of mounting a bed under the stars in the days hot.

We must also tell you that you will get some you want crazy to take everything you see there. Nicole, a designer profession, has managed to combine his passion for travel and local crafts, to give La Maison a unique character and interior design. Ready for the first photo shoot?


Once found the perfect accommodation, it's time to start planning the days you spend in the city. Once landed it is time to kick the city. When staying in the middle of Medina, it is best to set course for most vibrant square we know: Jemaa el Fna.

Locals coming and going, snake charmers, street vendors ... Endless stimuli. After a first contact, you have to go deep into the Medina and end in the Spice Square.

Extremely full in territory "weddings 2018" © Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There, well in Nomad or in the Café des Épices, you can enjoy local cuisine with a twist and with two of the most demanded terraces in the city. By the way, they don't serve alcohol, so you will have to wait to have the first cup of champagne.

Back at the riad, relax a little and groom yourself for the first night. Is there nightlife in Marrakech? Yes, and a lot.

As we want to blend in with the environment, we will book in Le Comptoir Darna. Located in an old style mansion Art nouveau treasures under its roof, a restaurant, club and patio taken from a Moroccan fairy tale.

The non-stop of Marrakech © Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Food here and there, belly dance show, smoking sishas and a club that opens every Friday and Saturday in a mix of international DJs, oriental dancers and traditional musicians, all in perfect harmony and conviviality so that the festive spirit take hold of you.


You know what they say: "Nights of debauchery, mornings of ..." relax, we say. A shower, a breakfast to gain strength and we set course for HOTEL by excelencito: Mamounia. This one opens its doors for anyone who wants to visit it. Whether eating at one of its restaurants, shopping in its boutiques or getting fed up with the sweets of Pierre Hermé, the best pastry chef in the world who recently opened his shop inside the hotel.

But we want everything and La Mamounia never disappoints. So it is best to book your day pass 'season getaway'. For about 1500 dirhams per person, you can enjoy a ten day. Starting with a swimming in its pools surrounded by palm trees, following a delicious meal in L'Italien (pasta, fish and vegetables from your own garden) or Le Français, to finish with a treatment in the delicious spa. Massage or a Hammam Evasion? We leave your choice.

Leaving there renewed and happy, it is time to take advantage to Hunt the latest trends in decoration and fashion with a little shopping, either in posts of the Medina (Berber lipstick, khol, pashminas or crockery) or in one of the boutiques of the trendy street, Give the bacha.

Once loaded with bags, return to La Maison and set up for dinner. The second night we will spend in Bô Zin, the place to be of Moroccan nightlife and where the biggest parties of the city are mounted. A sophisticated garden, djs and a lot of champagne. And tomorrow will be another day.

Good vibes in Bô Zin © Bô Zin


The last day of our bachelorette party has arrived at every train. It's time to start saying goodbye, but we'll do it big.

First, a little culture, a walk through the Majorelle gardens and a visit to the recently opened museum of Yves Saint Laurent.

Then, the indulgence of Sunday brunch from another of the big hotels in the city: Palais Namaskar.

Brunch in Palais Namaskar © Palais Namaskar

In a perfect balance between traditional and comfort offered by modernity, this hotel was born in the arid lands of Palmeraie and with privileged views of the Atlas Mountains. There we go.

Every Sunday they organize a brunch from 12:00 to 17:00 with an unparalleled display of high-quality organic cuisine, seafood, salads, cheeses, ready-made dishes ... all this next to the turquoise waters of its swimming pools.

The perfect end to a bachelorette party out of the ordinary.

Jemaa El Fna © Alamy

Video: Morocco Marrakech (March 2020).

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