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The applications you need for your next trip to New York

We reveal the applications without which you can not travel to the big apple.

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The applications you need for your next trip to New York © Getty Images

With the roaming increasingly accessible abroad and the great free wifi network in New York, it is already possible to get the most out of our mobile phone. We reveal the applications without which you can not travel to the Big Apple.

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100 things about New York you should know


The subway is the means of transport most suffered by New Yorkers but also the most useful and having a map of the network in your pocket is essential. Although there is a official MTA application, the metropolitan transport authority, KickMap NYC adds much more than a clear and beautiful design.

The app includes information about changes in the lines (and, we warn, there are many) and has the night version of the map, to enjoy the service 24 hours without surprises. KickMap NYC is only available for iPhone. The best alternative for Android users is New York Subway - Official MTA map of NYC.

You will never get lost in the New York subway with this application © Getty Images


The traffic on the streets of New York turns the fact of taking the bus into an authentic Russian roulette so do not even think about waiting at the stop without taking a look at this application. All city buses are equipped with GPS and MTA Bus Time It tells you exactly where they are. You just have to enter your position or the line you need and it will magically appear on the map.

There is the same option for the schedules of some metro lines conveniently in another app called MTA Subway Time ideal for those who do not want to spend a second more than necessary on the platform.


Let's recognize it. Raising your arm to stop one of the classic yellow taxis in the Big Apple has an endearing point (and film) but the control of the trip provided by services such as Lyft and Uber is hard to beat.

As easy as entering our location and destination and expecting that, in a few minutes, Our driver appears. Despite having also had its rifirrafe with the taxi association, alternative transport companies have established themselves in New York and offer slightly more affordable rates and a very varied fleet of vehicles.


Despite the affection that many travelers feel towards TripAdvisor, New Yorkers don't even know about its existence.

The only valid app to locate and rate the best bars and restaurants is called Yelp. Your search tools do not forget anything: by schedules, price, environment and, of course, valuation. The photos, sorted by categories, allow us to get a good idea of ​​what we will find. One of its most recent updates is that it allows you to even reserve a table or request takeaway.


As much effort as Yelp puts it, it is difficult for the Authentic online table reservation star. OpenTable saves you the trouble of understanding who is on the other side of the phone and allows you to check the availability of the premises at a glance.

Another point in favor is that includes restaurant menus so you can start drooling in advance. It does not work for all restaurants but among the more than 30,000 of its catalog, there are some that you will want to book.

Your applications, the best allies on your trip © Getty Images


Go to the restaurant you go, at the end of the meal a little math class always awaits you. Tip, like it or not, it is a must in New York, as the waiters will kindly remind you to see that you get up without leaving it. Despite being a fixed expense of the receipt the amount is paid by the customer.

And here comes Quick Tip to simplify that process (especially for those of us in letters). This app allows you to enter the amount of the account and set the percentage of the tip. The most common is to leave around 18% but you can leave more or less depending on how well they have served you.


The most apprehensive will want to skip this app because they will hardly be able to set foot in any of the restaurants in New York if they consult it. But its usefulness is undeniable for those who want to eat well and with health guarantees.

Every restaurant in New York has to look, stamped on your door, the note of your last sanitary inspection. There are four options: the blue A; the B, green; the C, orange; and finally the words Grade Pending, in gray.

The order of the alphabet follows the score from more to less clean and leaves the last option for restaurants that are making improvements to avoid falling into the last two boxes. The mobile app not only shows you its ranking but also details all the infractions you have committed from breaking the cold chain of a food to being aware of mouse droppings in the kitchen. Not recommended for sensitive stomachs.

The best to travel around the city on your mobile © Getty Images


Despite the wide variety of restaurants in New York, many nights (especially those of the long winter) You don't feel like going out.

There are several apps to order food at home but the most used is Seamless that guarantees what it promises in its name in English, a service without stumbling blocks. The app shows you only the restaurants that distribute in the location where you are and you can select the payment method that suits you, even in cash.

It is an ideal plan even for visitors who, after a day jogging the streets of Manhattan, want to spend a quiet evening in the bed of their hotel, in front of the TV.


Scenic lovers cannot miss this app with The best Broadway discounts. It allows you to make purchases up to a month in advance but you can also receive notifications with last minute sales.

As if that were not enough there you will also find all the Information to participate in the raffle tickets that are held hours before the performance of most shows. There is only a small inconvenience. There is no sign of the most popular titles so goodbye to Lion King, Frozen, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen or Wicked. Although, in reality, these are never on sale.

Broadway awaits you © Alamy


This app is especially recommended for travelers who love improvisation, who choose not to throw weeks preparing every detail of their visit.

The goal of Hotel Tonight is to find shelter for the same night. Many hotels with free rooms hang substantial offers on the list of the app that also admits reservations a little more in advance. So that hotel that may be a bit far from your budget can be a reality. Even if only for one night.


Google Maps is a safe bet for all types of travel, whether on foot, by car or public transport. It is even possible to download the map of a city and consult it offline. But Citymapper wins in information management and utility.

For example, the app tells you all the entries of the same subway stop and even recommends which car to get on to be closer to the exit. It also includes information on city ferries and bike lanes available throughout the island. Moving up and down New York is already possible without getting lost.

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100 things about New York you should know

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