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San Isidro 2018: Verbena appointments for new people from Madrid

Modern plans suitable for modern.

The guide to not miss anything in San Isidro © iStock

Yes you can. Today more than ever. These are just some clues to celebrate the Holy Labrador as the sacred writings of the avant-garde send: art in feminine, cinema, traditional delicacies watered for example with champagne and all hours of music.

"Apparently it is a contradiction that San Isidro, a farmer of the 12th century, be the patron of Madrid, a modern metropolis (...) But it is not so much if we consider that it also has large areas of parks, gardens and urban gardens. ”

With this chotis of satisfaction, Manuela Carmena persuades us to enter the bold network of outdoor plans of the Fiestas de San Isidro 2018.

Ecological awareness, committed hedonism, a splendid inclusive campaign and more than 200 reasons to take upholstered streets of smoking verbenas, hips on the hips, satisfied women, 'chunda chunda', casserole with roll and 'barquilleros' brewers.

Illustration of Mercedes Bellard for the posters of the Fiestas de San Isidro 2018 © Mercedes de Bellard

This is Madrid and, here, even the most pilgrim manifesto in the tradition has to go through the sieve of the times that fly.

These Fiestas de San Isidro, and the rest of plans emerged on the eve of the blessed holiday, appeal to the latest proclamations of today -Feminism, commitment to nature, child protection, respect for diversity- without losing an iota of that legitimate slander.

Because here and now, in full it was vegan, Madrid people are still smiling at some good chicken coops or some good ins and outs.

And possibly keep the smile with a craft beer or the contemporary version of a squid sandwich, whose image they will share in real time with the iPhone X on their Instagram profile. But let's be frank: so much ... we haven't changed so much.

Smoky verbenas, traditional cuisine with a roll, beer, champagne and, of course, chotis © Getty Images


At this stage, the illustrated smiles of four women of different ages, The work of the artist Mercedes de Bellard, they have gone around the world of social networks three times. Using the applause of the respectable woman of Madrid, Mercedes de Bellard has become the local Instagram star just hours after her name appeared on the credits of the San Isidro 2018 posters.

No parades, no masses, no giants or big heads, no chulapas distributing carnations (which too). This year, the Madrid City Council receives cheers for its successes in the employer's proposal. It is not for less. Read

First, the Consistory has prepared a program of events and activities that could go through the poster of a summer festival for all ages: Child of Elche, Papaya, Pablo Und Destruktion, Coke Mesh, Wiggle, Long live Sweden, Diego El Cigala, Nathy Peluso, Reyko ...

Second, because this kind of welcome to spring, which includes 200 events spread across 15 stages, is mostly free access.

Third, and not least, your feminist and ecological aspiration that has been personified in the face of happy women who flood the streetlights of Madrid, and adorned with the typography of the designer Silvia Ferpal.

Fourth, because the posters, with a non-commercial recognition license, can be shared with friends and printed in high resolution.

Finally, the programming intranet becomes the reflection of the illustrations of Mercedes de Bellard: Colorist, intuitive and concise. The hallmark of this new feminist imprint.

One of the San Isidro posters, illustrated by Mercedes de Bellard © Mercedes de Bellard


Among the miracles of the Saint, it is said that while he was devoting himself to his prayers, the oxen meekly plowed the earth in the first hours of the day. Credible or not, the truth is that Isidro glorified the craft of working the wheat that later, turned into flour, would give reason to be the blessed food of the bakeries of Madrid.

One of the phenomena that have best metabolized Madrid is precisely the proliferation, in this last five years, of New neighborhood bakeries. During these days, eight of them commemorate the figure of San Isidro with dozens of Garrotes del Santo Freshly baked at dawn perfect for the Manzanares picnic.

The Sanisidrian version lifts the spirits of a good handful of crunchy wheat devotees: a loaf of bread reminiscent of the Saint's hoe, based on figs - sometimes macerated with wine or anise - and with sesame seeds, as a nod to the Mozarabic legacy, and covered with bran - another reference to the craft profession.

These young bakeries in the neighborhood elaborate with care, until May 15, those 'clubs' of up to 80 cm whose goodness resides in a divine raw material, the love of a new batch of bakers, a prolonged fermentation - minimum of 18 hours - and the 'miracle' of the sourdough.

Bakeries as God commands: Knead (Church, 10, Majadahonda), 3 Letters Pan (New Zealand, 32), 180 Obrador (General Saliquet, 10), Babette's oven (Joaquín Lorenzo 4, Ramón de Santillán 15, Ayala 79), Oven (San Manuel, 5), Obrador San Francisco (San Francisco Race, 14), Bakery (Alonso Heredia, 25) and Panifesto (Mesón de Paredes, 10).

Holy clubs © Sylvain Vernay


Before perching on one of the stages of the San Isidro Festival, get a good rabo de toro, the Madrid specialty that heats the feeling of all kinds of carnivores, many of them able to start with a chotis in exchange for a double ration of this delicacy chulapo.

This kind of tender and succulent cut stands as a local delicacy capable of occupying positions in the different gastronomic leagues: from a street stall to the author's stove.

From May 15 to 20, the Arado restaurant, at Meliá Serrano Madrid, proposes a traditional menu that includes an original recipe for oxtail. Designed by the chef David Masllorens, This patronage wink venerates the art of Madrid's tradition with a brave avant-garde twist.

Cast Plow Menu: Gilda 21st century -Take cherry confit with olive powder and piparra-, San Isidro salad -pickled lettuce with egg emulsion and green olives-, Oxtail cannelloni with sprouts, fried milk with vanilla ice cream, coffee and pestiños. Pairing: vermouth and wines from Madrid and Pedro Ximénez (€ 30).

The proposal of chef David Masllorens, of Arado Restaurante © Arado Restaurante


In these days of verbena and tambourine, the neighborhood of Arganzuela It is one of the hot spots of the capital, where the 'chulapas' and 'chulapos' that flood the San Isidro Prairie still inhabit.

And in this route of new proposals for the Madrid ephemeris, we could not leave aside the place that definitely marked the turning point in the landscape and landscape transformation of the Legazpi neighborhood: the Slaughterhouse - where Madrid does kill.

In addition to all its frantic annual activity, the Cineteca offers an exclusive plan for Tuesday, May 15, with the collaboration of Mondo Sonoro magazine: a marathon of melodic documentaries.

The Matadero movie theater will screen three films that celebrate music and the city of Madrid. The projections are Free until capacity is reached.

At 12 h. Summer Symphony: Portrait of a City, from Emilio Tomé. A kaleidoscopic vision of Madrid's drowsiness, night, party, adventure and lethargy (projection with live music). At 4pm Madrid Rap, by Gorka Abrisqueta Veuthey, an x-ray of the Hip Hop scene in Madrid in 2011.

At 6pm Beats from Madrid, by Manuel Sánchez-Cid Rodríguez, a documentary based on the movement clubbing From the capital.

Gran Clavel Wine Bar © Pablo Gómez Ogando


If it is a matter of being chaste, let's start with the name. The restaurant of the Hotel de Las Letras has become the new embassy of Madrid specialties in the east of the Gran Vía, its three spaces - Vermutería, Wine Bar, House of Meals - instead of pilgrimage for both Madrid and newcomers.

Throughout this flowery and devoted month, the Grand Carnation tables will be the showcase to taste many of the delicacies of the patron imaginary: cream bartolillos, snail stews, donuts -Tontas, Listas and Santa Clara- in addition to the traditional casts of the gastronomic space of the Hotel de Las Letras.

In the heat of the festivities, and among violets, nardos and carnations, they will realize delights of the Dove of La Paloma, a boat driver will walk along the Gran Vía by the hand of Cervezas Madriz and, at the Vermutería bar, they will fulfill each day the appetizer ritual: glass of vermouth of the day and Gilda (Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 15.00; € 3.50).

Madrid's Gran Clavel tripe © Pablo Gómez Ogando


At the opposite end of the Gran Vía, looking at the Plaza de España by Antonio López, we marked a chuleo in the basement of the Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid: How to be cool and not fail in the design.

Let us recommend by the makers of the letter from Garra Bar, who dare with a good handful of references from the traditional cookbook in a space that could well go through a cocktail bar in the heart of Manhattan.

Interior design by Jaime Hayón, Mediterranean and Scandinavian design -note: the beverage display is the most spectacular in the city-, Klunderbie studio images and a tasca letter: anchovies in vinegar with french fries and paprika, croquettes 'chulapas' (of cod), 'las bravas de la vida', salmon waffles, avocado and lime, tortilla skewer at its point, soldiers of Pavia with aioli and churros Chocolate in the afternoon.

Coinciding with the Fiestas de San Isidro, and for the third year, Hotel Tapa Tour gathers pecking parishioners in beautiful hotels in Madrid. Garra Bar participates in this competition to the best author cover with a tempura lobster bao-tasting with aioli, parsley and citrus caviar, a particular oriental version of the squid sandwich.

Garra Bar's lobster bao-tasting © Garra Bar


When the sun begins to fall - the moment of photographing the pink and violet of the sky of Madrid - many say goodbye to the hours of light with outdoor concerts and with an excuse to get warm. Let's say I talk about ... cocktails, vermouth, spirits, manila shawls.

Thousands of fashions later, The gin maintains its pulse as a star distillate of the traditional cocktails. For several decades of the twentieth century, in a glass tube, with some rocks of ice and tonic. Today, its versatility has a lot to do with a constantly evolving creative loop that mutates with devotees and condition.

For these days of divine business, Gin Mare has gathered in a single glass the virtues of strawberry liquor, the tender fruit of the Madrid tree, and the vermouth, which needs no introduction, to design the Gin Isidro cocktail, a traditional drink reminiscent of the Mediterranean: 3 cl of Gin Mare, 3 cl of vermouth from Madrid, 2 cl of liquor from Madrid, 1 cl of Aperol and fresh rosemary.

The Gin Isidro cocktail, based on madroño liqueur and Madrid vermouth © Gin Mare


After a day of chotis and picnic in the Manzanares Meadow, another of San Isidro's hobbies is imposed: leave tascas. Or tasquitas. And Ava Gardner. That we ask for a ration of corns. Sure, but with champagne.

That's why Juanjo López, teacher of The Tasquita of Opposite, considered sensible to incorporate the champagne Bollinger to the menu in commemoration of the patron saint. There is nothing.

The maison French is forever linked to the festivities with an indecent proposal that you can taste in La Tasquita de Enfrente until May 26 (menu: € 90): three classic references Le Grande Année Blanc 2007, Special Cuvée and Rosé for six dishes and one dessert.

Garlic soup, beef jerky fritters, Russian salad with trout caviar, asparagus from the garden with its vinaigrette, 'the ear', hake cococha with squid ink, Madrid tripe and, for dessert, fake French toast the cinnamon.

Juanjo López, from the Tasquita de Enfrente © La Tasquita de Enfrente

Video: Feria de San Isidro corrida completa 9718 (March 2020).

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