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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The San Sebastian Baker Revolution

San Sebastián has always been a key point of gastronomic innovation. This passion, which is lived at street level in pintxos bars, now moves to the world of bread.

It has been many years since Basque chefs and their restaurants (and with a star) were placed at the forefront of the world of gastronomy. Now, a food as basic as bread claims its place in the San Sebastian culinary scene.

It does, for example, in the Basque Culinary Center, the Faculty and Center for Research and Innovation in Gastronomic Sciences: a pioneering project in Spain whose U-shaped building shows the image of various dishes piled on each other, a literal metaphor of the dish as a support for gastronomy. Here bread is one of the star themes of the training programs: In addition to master classes, participatory workshops and creative processes are organized.

We have selected two spaces where you can savor this revolution of the bread that San Sebastián lives. Both respect the rigor of the search for quality: one does it from the point of view of tradition, without further ado, and the other from disclosure, with the challenge of sensitizing customers so they know what "real" bread is like. Both follow the spirit of the city: on the one hand, the most traditional shops survive; on the other, experimental projects arise.

Basque culinary center © Corbis

Northern tradition in bread

Aguirre, an ancient goldsmith that keeps the essences of the most precious jewels, offer the usual cakes and breads. He began his career in Irun and a few years ago opened his second establishment in Saint Sebastian. They are masters of puff pastry, pastries, cookies, cakes, biscuits and roscones. But the brightest jewelry is your brioche: every morning, an elongated table full of succulent sweet breads of French origin is displayed here, with its golden crust. Aguirre opts for the absolute tradition of bread: They only have four formats: white loaf, whole wheat loaf, loaves and ciabatta. With these premises it is natural that your bread is one of the most precious in the city.

The bread, in an avant-garde box

In the ephemeral project The Loaf Box Design, experimentation and communication come together in this unusual adventure that is attracting both media and public attention. This pop-up bakery is located opposite the North Station of Saint Sebastian, in two metal containers reminiscent of a small spaceship.

Inside, you find a pleasant surprise: bakers kneading bread and teaching how to do it. Those responsible are the creatives of La Salsera, a local communication agency focused on gastronomic leisure. At the head of the project are Dan lepard, one of the most recognized bakers in the world, gastronomic critic in The guardiane Ibán Yarza journalist, vocational baker, and translator of Dan Lepard's book "Handmade".

The Loaf, an ephemeral bakery that will live until September © The Loaf

Video: Graphene Week 2018 - San Sebastian (March 2020).

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