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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: on horseback between Paris and Madrid, between dreamlike and aesthetic trips

Traveling is not just a matter of taking the car and disappearing through the white villages of Cádiz (which too). But that implies getting carried by our mind wherever she wants to take us. Literature, music and art, go hand in hand in this function. We summarize the eleven rogue plans of this weekend for you to travel with or without leaving the sofa.

1. In bed: 'The hematocrit of art', Hematocrit. Sit down and enjoy. This book is not biased but It does not lack mischief nor, of course, canallismo. This mysterious author (we know very little about him, as he is a professor of A Coruña and that he was the one who made the term resurface 'throbbing') is the owner and lord of the double meaning, of the 'dirty' look. So, you can make the box Frederic Leighton 'Songs Without Words' looks like a real 'Waiting for the spin'. And from there to infinity.

2. At the bar: Kikekeller (Lower Slider of San Pablo, 17, Madrid). Kike and Celia have created a changing shelter in an old sewing workshop, where design and furniture are a game of ingenuity and aesthetics that will not leave you indifferent. Kikekeller is a gallery, it is also a shop and even has what we like so much, a good bar where you can enjoy and be surprised.
3. Between frames: 'Les Séductions du Palais'(Quai Branly Museum, Paris) In collaboration with the National Museum of China, the Quai Branly Museum It opens our appetite. The foodies Oriental food lovers will find in this exhibition the intricacies of Chinese cuisine through its objects: dishes, bowls, trays ... A whole ceremony where it is shown that not only in food is the taste.
4. In the club: The Fabulous (Calle de la Estrella, 3; Calle del Arlabán 7, Madrid) Vigila Silvia Superstar is not satisfied with El Gato Negro and Mogambo in her hometown. He also rocks in Madrid with his Fabulous Star Street for the first drinks of the night between pink flamingos and glitter. In addition, a couple of months ago he dared to leave the 3 in the morning schedule with the Fabulous Club (with sessions until 6 in the morning on Calle del Arlabán 7). Come on, that neither Federal Airlines nor Killer Barbies: the party has to be fabulous in the Fabulous. 5. On the table: La Vaquería Suiza (Blanca de Navarra Street 8, Madrid). Delicious on carpaccio Beef with arugula and parmesan. The Musaka greek and don't forget to taste organic yogurt with cow's milk and honey. You won't stop sucking your fingers. You will only think about returning.

An aesthetic journey towards it is unknown where © Kikekeller

6. On the road: the white villages route of Cádiz and Málaga. Algar, Arcos de la Frontera, Prado del Rey, Grazalema, Zahara de la Sierra, Olvera, El Gastor, Setenil ... and we fell short, gentlemen. The whitewashed facades, the roads full of olive trees and those Roman roads, are not the same in all the towns of this route. The best: take the road and let yourself go stopping where you feel like it. None will let you down.
7. In the stadium: We change third, again. On Saturday, cyclists will face the Sierra de Madrid to finish off the Tour of Spain 2012 in the center of the capital on Sunday. Purito? Counter? Will the 'Ball of the World' stage change all expectations?
8. In the cinema (inside or outside the home): 'L'Apollonide ', 'House of tolerance'. It is our star plan of the weekend: approach the Verdi cinemas to enjoy the new work of Bertrand Bonello, a story set in the bowels of houses with a bad reputation, those in which femininity was tragic, sex (poorly) paid and The smiles ... healed.
9. On the walkman: INA, Mvnich. From Vigo they come to stay in your temple. It is hard to escape from dream game They have recorded on horseback between their city and Bilbao. INA seems woven with the precision of a surgeon who operates with layers of sound, until you get a Pandora's Box seamless or scars. It is a round, forceful work, with epic moments like 'Magnicide' and labyrinths like 'Dream K'. But you will not get lost; you will be airy with the feeling of having traveled far away. Press play again. Trip must go on!
10. A neighborhood: Le Marais (Place des Vosges and surroundings, Paris) Get lost in the aristocratic mansions of the French capital it will make you feel in another dimension, in that of a time of prosperity and wealth where the pompous was the order of the day. Visiting the past with some bitterness in the present, without forgetting the Victor Hugo's house-museum and the central garden of Place des Vosges.
11. In the conversation: the debate of the week, without a doubt, that of our dear Forgot Ants. Should a personal video stolen from your computer spoil the political career of the councilwoman? Is it normal for your own party to ask you to resign? Is hedonism a reason for resignation but not corruption? Ladies, gentlemen, NO.

Beef carpaccio from La Vaquería switzerland: exquisite © La Vaquería Suiza

Video: El once ideal - Buitre Canalla DEMO OFICIAL (March 2020).

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