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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Experimenting with architecture and design in a Château

Boisbuchet It is a very peculiar 16th century Chateau. In its vast expanses of forests and plantations, instead of walking through gardens with great fountains or family pantheons, you can wander between pavilions that are examples of architecture and the most avant-garde design.

Behind this unique space are the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, the design editor VITRA and Alexander von Vegesack, a true promoter and promoter of this international project and who carried out a thorough restoration of the buildings.

Located between Limoges and Poitiers, in the heart of the Charente-Limousine region, its facilities meet annually and since the nineties professionals of architecture and design and students for research and experiment about the evolution of our environment, from the constructions we inhabit to the objects we use and surround us.

Every year hundreds of people from all continents converge in Boisbuchet to live together for at least a week and develop work with renowned professionals.

One of the last participants has been Fabio Molinas, an Italian design student who is not satisfied with the obvious. Instead of studying design in one of his cribs, Italy, a year ago he studied in Madrid the European Design Labs of design under the direction of the well-known Spanish designer Jaime Hayón. “I prefer to decentralize myself to have a different point of view, another angle, with the aim of finding my identity in the design. ”He came to Boisbuchet through a contest by Amorim, a Portuguese world leader in cork. The challenge was to find new uses of cork and he sought to give an absolute turn to the material, deconstructed it and turned it into a skin-like material with unthinkable color possibilities.

Boisbuchet is more than a château, it is creation and experimentation © Boisbuchet

“Every morning I go to the lake to swim and then I work with my colleagues, there is a great exchange of ideas and work formulas. This place gives you a special energy, inspires you at all times. When you walk through the forest you find the bamboo pavilions of the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, of Frei Otto or of Simón Vélez, there is also a pyramid of Brückner & Brückner or a cabin of branches of the Campana brothers. ”

East "theme park" architectural will be completed in the future with a pavilion of Sou Fujimoto that follows the established line of seeking the total connection with nature by a light transparent circular structure.

All this gear is possible thanks to Alexander Von Vegensak and Luisa González Portillo, who run a volunteer group They work for four weeks and then you can hold a participatory workshop at no cost.

Boisbuchet, contemporary research center © Boisbuchet

“In general it is not necessary to be specialized in design or architecture to participate, you have to have a creative restlessness In some field. Here we work with wood, ceramics, steel, glass or light. We want very open and flexible minds that contribute ideas and It doesn't matter if these are good or not, we firmly believe in the process of failure as learning, fail to learn and improve. ”, Says Alexander.

Today Fabio has been informed that his work on cork / leather has been a special mention of the international jury of the Amorim cork contest, and has approached the Viennese river bank, which crosses the farm. Within two days a group of people who have forged their ties working together will dissolve. It is somewhat sad, but hopeful: he has many failures to commit to continue learning, and a group of friends / allies that will join at any time, for example on the internet network, to continue supporting each other under another network, the one created in an extraordinary place, Boisbuchet.

Wonderful experimental structures at Chateau Boisbuchet © Boisbuchet

Experiment with cork, a novelty of the most avant-garde © Mauricio Freyre

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