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Latin Power: the Latin American cities that will whistle in 2013

They sound in all the big macroeconomic bets, in the world sporting events, in the candidacies for unemployed young people, even in the requests of transoceanic tickets to the magi. Gentlemen, Europe is dead and Latin America is more alive than ever. We tell you what are the unappealable appointments with the Latin American pearls that will send in 2013.

1) São Paulo

They are calling her the new New York and not only because it competes with it in number of private helicopters flying over the streets, but because its economic takeoff allows spectators to attend the generalized madness of capitalism In its early stages. In the neighborhood Le Jardims are all the big firms. The next four years will talk about it in all forums, especially in sports. Since in 2013, the Confederations Cup (from June 15 to 30) will kick off the meetings of the Soccer World Cup 2014 and the 2016 Olympics. The hangover will be monumental, of course. But in the meantime, you can't miss its amazing nightlife in its ramshackle historic center, with an old cinema turned into the dance hall of the moment: like the Joia Cinema, or butchers transformed into vegetarian restaurants like Z-Deli, specialized in cooking Kosher. The anarchic distribution of São Paulo It gives you that mysterious point where to develop the skills of researchers (just don't forget your map to orient yourself in a city where the subway network is small). its gastronomic offer It will exceed all your expectations, with offers for all budgets. On the top of world cuisine, chef Alex Atala also decided to return to his São Paulo Natal just for the good time. Its most informal restaurant Dalva e Dito, is our favorite.

The Bulwark of Santo Domingo of Cartagena de Indias © Félix Lorenzo

2) Cartagena de Indias

It has been a well kept secret but everyone already knows: the best private outdoor parties in the entire Caribbean are those of Cartagena de Indias, next to the old walls and looking at the sea (at 25º). There is a whole industry specialized in decorating private events of any kind (the small size of its cobbled colonial historic center and delightfully safe It has become a perfect place to celebrate a wedding, or record an announcement). Fortunes from anywhere in the world they have infatuated of some of its old colonial houses, and they have their second residence here, while the modern part of the city is a kind of high rise Miami which attracts a convention traveler because they find it comfortable, fun and safe. Although its urban beaches are not exactly its strong point (if you are looking for white sand and crystal clear waters you will have to go to the Rosario Islands, less than an hour by boat), Cartagena de Indias It is the perfect place to spend a few days in a lovely city. The neighborhood of Gethsemane, outside the old walls, is in full boil: new hotels, restaurants and some of the best bars to dance until dawn like the Havana Club.

Panorama of Santiago de Chile © Nils Preston Schlebusch

3) Santiago de Chile

The last years have been for this city away from the rest of the world, but surrounded by landscapes of another planet, a revulsive in every way. In addition to their wines that have been won deserved fame In the world market in recent years, the old historical neighborhoods are undergoing a constant transformation: new stores and shops sprout from nowhere and travelers arrive in search of business opportunities. The Italy neighborhood It has become a natural headquarters for producers, photographers studios and hidden courtyards with delicious coffees and artisan ice cream parlors. One of those places where all this creative spirit that has taken over the city is full is the Matucana 100 Cultural Center, a kind of cultural center self-managed by local associations. Another surprising place is Bocanáriz, the best stocked cellar in the city, very original and with delicious snacks according to the character of the wine you drink. No better place to stay than Lastarria Boutique Hotel, a mansion that hosted the EFE agency in his day.

Panama City at sunset © Corbis

4) Panama City

Is the favorite destination for those who have already terminated their work period. Income from abroad is tax free in this economic paradise and there are a dozen different visas for which foreigners become permanent residents by making investments in the country. The purchase of a home has the support of the bank that finances it by up to 80% in an average period of 20 years, so the call is being brutal, especially to retirees and pensioners from all over the world. The city, now the Singapore from Latin America, it is a brutal contrast between the most modern buildings and his colonial area. Next year 2014, when the extension works of the Panama Canal, the city will multiply its income and its possibilities.

The Metropolitan Cathedral and the Presidential Palace of Mexico City © Corbis

5) Mexico City

Step carefully, history beats low Mexico City. Incontestable megalopolis, recreates a conquest in reverse that dazzles everyone who visits it. New architecture, like the very modern Soumaya Museum, sponsored by the tycoon Carlos Slim, or one more than meticulous Mexican cuisine, now attentive to culinary currentsthey make Mexico City it is already an obligatory stop in that exclusive circuit of cities where the future is cooked. Pamper yourself at the Four Seasons, the W or the St. Regis, branches of international hotel luxury in the city. And to find out what takes around these places, plant yourself in Polanco or in Countess, the most cutting-edge neighborhoods, where the last in fashion, gastronomy and art occupy every square meter.

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