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8 original plans in Paris for Valentine

If February 14 is already, in itself, romantic and sweet, celebrating it in Paris is already the recopetín of sugar and hearts making "plop plop" in the air. Of course, forget about the Eiffel Tower and big kisses at the Bateau Mouche. Originality first of all.

Like all the febreros, the persistent advertisements, the profusely decorated windows with hearts and the dozens of mails that invade our mail tray "Paco, we have found the perfect gift", remind us that Valentine is here. For many, an annoying celebration, a commercial invention to force us to consume, the high of the tacky. For others, an opportunity to celebrate our love, of being romantic at least once a year. And for us, the opportunity to discover original experiences with your partner, to rekindle the worn passion to say at the end, "well yes, we still have fun together."
Here are 8 original Valentine's plans in Paris. Forget the Eiffel Tower, Doisneau's beloved kiss and delve into our peculiar universe of experiences:
1-Rent a room for hours in a Love Hotel
The Concept of the “Love Hotel” has been hugely popular in Japan for more than half a century. Couples, legitimate or not, are in Discreet hotels whose themed rooms They allow them to address their erotic fantasies in total freedom. The Love Hotel Paris It is the first hotel of these characteristics in the Parisian capital. In the heart of the city you can feel like a marahá, escape behind the scenes of the Bollywood universe, ride a gondola through Venice or practice submission / domination in a room decorated for this purpose in black leather ... In short, several scenarios are possible to do Our little memorable love break. In addition, the hotel managers who think of everything, they make available to the clientele a menu of toys and erotic movies, In case we need extra motivation!
(Love Hotel Paris: 88 rue St Denis, 1st M ° Etienne Marcel - 25 euros / hour)

A theme night of 'amour' © Love Hotel Paris

2- Remember forbidden kisses in a neighborhood cinema
Who has not ever kissed the shelter of darkness in a cinema? To remember those sweet and innocent kisses (well, it depends), we have found the ideal place, yes, in a comfortable version (that one is already having its ailments). The Cinema 13 Theater offers "The armchairs of love" specially created to accommodate two people. Perfect to kiss and have a look very occasionally to a good movie.
(Cinema 13 Theater: Avenue Junot 1- 75018)

The most comfortable rooms to watch a movie © Ciné 13 Théâtre

3- Seek inspiration in the Erotic Museum
Open at night from 10h to 2h this museum in the morning in the Parisian red light district offers us an interesting tour of the ancient and modern erotic art from the five continents. Seven floors to be inspired and illustrated in the art of love.
(Erotic Museum: Boulevard de Clichy 72, 75018, Paris)

"Girlie Show" Edward Hopper, 1941 © Museum of Eroticism

4- Create an exclusive perfume for both of youOk, I admit, this can be quite cheesy, but if celebrities like Beyoncé and her boy have already done it, why don't we? And Paris, one of the cities in the world with the most perfumer tradition, offers us several options to customize our own essence. Our favorite is L'Artisan Parfumeur (2, rue de l'Almiral-de-Coligny), where Stéphanie Bakouche Koudiri a recognized "Nez" It will help us design our own perfume in 3 hours. A theoretical explanation and the presentation of a palette with the different olfactory families as pre-creation steps. Final touch of the expert and realization of a personalized label with the chosen name ("Paco and Lucia forever").
(L'Artisan Parfumeur: price: 370 euros; in group 185 euros)

L'Artisan Parfumeur: create your own perfume © L'Artisan Parfumeur

5- Discover the place where Serge Gainsbourg furtively loved Brigitte Bardot
Two classics of the French art scene, the stunning Brigitte Bardot and the eccentric Serge Gainsbourg. She married; he, crazy about her, searches in 1969 for a discreet love nest To hide his illegitimate passion. Following his father's advice he visits an old store in the Rue Verneuil which will become the place of your furtive encounters. Here on the day of his break, on December 31, the musician and poet will spend the night, drunk and desperate, contemplating the portrait of his beloved. Gainsbourg will live here the last twenty years of his life until his death in 1991. Although the house cannot be visited, do not stop approaching the place to contemplate their walls anarchically adorned with hundreds of graffiti and drawings It is the particular artistic collage with which hundreds of fans have wanted to pay tribute to the great artist.
(Wall of Serge Gainsbourg: 5 bis rue de Verneuil 75007)

Wall of Serge Gainsbourg, the great tribute to the artist © Corbis

6- Dinner only for two
The Lapérouse restaurant one of the oldest restaurants in the world (opened in 1766) offers us the possibility of dining in a private lounge, exquisitely decorated, just for us. Dim light, table for two ... and a big plus, a bell to call the waiter, to make sure that this will not come at a time "little suitable."
(Lapérouse 51, Quai des Grands Augustins)

The restaurant only for two © Lapérouse

7- If you have trouble saying “I love you…”Your site is then Le mur des je t'aime, 'The wall of I love you', a space where “I love you” is written in more than 300 different languages. The work was born at the initiative of Frédéric Baron Who thought that if there was already a Valentine's Day, there should also be a special place to commemorate love. The work is installed in the Square Jehan Rictus, a charming park next to the Plaza des Abbesses, in the Montmatre district. Take your partner and let the words on the wall speak for you.

Le mur des je t'aime © Corbis

8- Buy dream lingerie
If your relationship needs a little spicywhy not renew your “park” of lingerie? You are in the perfect city for it because if something is not missing here are women's underwear brands: Chantelle, Empreinte, Lejaby, Lou, Charmel, Passionata, Princesse Tam.Tam or Simone Pérèle They are just a few examples. The trick is to do it in the company of your boy. Take it to Mise in Cage, of the best lingerie in the city and test us how many sets to leave you speechless.
(Le Bon Marché: 24 Rue de Sèvres)
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Mise en Cage: you can ask for toys again for Reyes © Mise en Cage

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