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Editor'S Choice - 2020

I went in search of a hotel and I found Atlantis

Anyone who has begun an investigation, whether for a report or any other assignment, will understand why what was going to be a small informative note about the new opening of a hotel in Isla Canela ended up being an ocean of cross-information, which It has led to discover Atlantis and 'really important things' as the place where football was born in Spain.

It all started on Tuesday, when a press release reached my inbox: “Meliá Hotels & Resorts opens tomorrow its first establishment in the province of Huelva: the Meliá Atlántico hotel - Isla Canela ”. Why not give the news on the web ?, I thought. In order to complete with recommendations what would be the perfect getaway for this bridge, I began the research.

At more than 10,000 m2 of gardens and the 358 spacious rooms with private terrace or balcony (most with sea views) of this resort would have to add a reference restaurant in which to taste some typical product of the area. One of the most prominent, according to several friends who spend the summer in the region, is La Puerta Ancha, by Ayamonte, of contemporary cuisine with Andalusian roots and nuances, where the winery is an extra that completes live performances with its pairing And well prepared cocktails.

Risotto with wild asparagus at La Puerta Ancha © La Puerta Ancha

Too serious, right? They told me. If what I was really looking for was some more flip flops and pareo, I should not stop recommending the Playa Alta beach bar, on Isla Canela itself, where the fried 'fresh fish' tastes better when your feet touch the sand barefoot. Well, I had already found the sea plus I needed. And the mountain? I was sure that in Huelva, with that interior so close - also in customs - to Portugal there should be something outstanding to be brought to the mouth. Well, that was the Paymogo gurumelo: an exquisite mushroom born in the west and this year has been chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of the Province in a contest promoted the Delegation of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment.

The fried 'pescaito' at the Playa Alta beach bar tastes better © D.R.

What is special about the gmomelo de Paymogo? In addition to its flavor, which has led to its own annual tasting fair in spring, a supposed story -or rather legend- that runs through the town. This would pray that the town of Paymogo owes its name to a powerful wizard who would have existed in the Sierra Morena of Huelva, and whose domains would have been named the 'Country of the Magician', later PaiMago and finally Paymogo, by work and grace of improper uses of speech. It was speculated that he could have been Guzmán el Bueno's brother, “who used to collect medicinal herbs through the fields of those places, such as pennyroyal, coriander, mastranzo, rue…” (Lasso, J. M. 1990). So it is not difficult to imagine the 'due' use that this alchemist could have given to gurmelo.

Riotinto mining basin © Corbis

I decide to find a place where this mushroom is the protagonist in some dish and so I get to the I hit gurumelos from La Fábrica restaurant, in the Riotinto mining basin. Thanks to the historical photos posted on its website, I discover that in 1873 this municipality of Huelva hosted the British workers of the Rio Tinto Company Limited (RTCL), who started playing a ball game unknown until then in Spain: it was football. The first 'English Club' (therefore, football) would arrive in 1878 and, thanks to the railroad, this sports practice would begin to spread throughout the country, until today, in which they say we are the best league Soccer world.

According to a recent investigation, Atlantis could rest under Doñana. © Corbis

Well, I already had almost all my recommendations found, I just needed that special place to send the visiting traveler. Doñana was definitely that place, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994, I would have to explain its flora, fauna and other endemic characteristics, but what would be my surprise to learn that recently, in 2011, he trained a National Geographic documentary titled In search of Atlantis that part of the premise that this legendary civilization disappeared could be located in the marshes of the Doñana National Park.

Views from the Meliá Atlántico Hotel - Isla Canela © D.R.

Which leads me to a conclusion: The hotel opened last Wednesday and I'm still zooming in on the satellite photo which generated this hypothesis to make sure if they really are concentric circles of ancient human constructions or simple formations that would once again demonstrate the randomness of nature.

This news is not for those who have gone from bridge, but, it does not matter, it seems that the good weather has been installed on the peninsula and any time will be good to get to know the new Meliá Atlántico - Isla Canela de Huelva and surrender to my recommendations.

Of course, do not even think about getting last minute information or you will be lost!
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