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Restaurant of the week: Antonio, or the taste of the sea in Zahara de los Atunes

Much more than tuna in Zahara de los Atunes

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Antonio's octopus © Antonio Restaurant

The sand of the gaditana coast southernmost they stayed away from the tourist focus and its excesses for many years - let alone the gastronomic one - beyond a few lucky ones who knew this little one well paradise of endless beaches and the richness of its waters.

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Beaches to fall in love with Cádiz

But that the Cadiz coast becomes every summer in mecca of bluefin tuna It is no longer a secret to anyone.

Much more than tuna in Zahara de los Atunes © Restaurante Antonio

After each trap that occurs after the last moon of spring, approximately at the end of April or beginning of May, at invasion of tunas that of tourists eager to drive the tooth to the culinary icon par excellence of the early 21st century.

The Mota-Verdejo family and their Hotel Restaurante Antonio they have experienced in first person the explosion of popularity of Zahara of the Tunas what happened to being a small district of Barbate of people dedicated to the almadraba to one of the fashionable tourist destinations on the Spanish coast.

The coast of Zahara de los Atunes © Getty Images

And like Zahara, Antonio has evolved over the years. From a small beach bar that Lola and Antonio they opened to early 80s, going through that simple and charming hotel with a loyal clientele that he repeated every summer, until that luxury establishment that is today, with a second annex hotel and dining room who has undergone a spectacular reform with his children Alejandro, Carlos and Juan Antonio in front.

Now, yes, the room lives up to the magnificent product that is exhibited there.

Fried nettles of Antonio © Antonio

Antonio is much more than a tuna restaurant although demand has made it the epicenter of its offer.

And it is true that they handle it correctly: his download tartare is impeccable, he pickled tarantelo is among the best we've tried and the plate of tuna - mormo I want to remember - with tomato, potatoes and fried egg is a tribute to Cádiz and to the mother who bore him.

However, it is also true that sometimes the kitchen neglects the cooking points of the morrillo or the ventrescto. But Antonio is much more.

To start you have a very remarkable bar, frequent winner of the local tapas contests. There, some Salted fish, some fried fried nettles or some excellent and tempting Romans of crayfish well accompanied by a remarkable offer of generous wines by the glass.

And to continue in table with that excellent white prawn tartare or any of those pieces of Baked Flake Fish. Less interesting is some creation of its own that tends to complicate life in excess.

Puntillitas, acedias, mullets ... freshly fried fish © Restaurante Antonio

The wine list meets although it is in the more classic line and I would appreciate more depth in whites and sparkling and the service is friendly and diligent but suffers - like many others who multiply their demand exponentially - in the peak hours of the summer.

The reform of the room and the terrace brings comfort and distinction. And that English-gadita bar that frames the Atlanterra beach iInvite a distillate and a quiet desktop.

This tuna tartare from Antonio can make you fall in love © Restaurante Antonio

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Beaches to fall in love with Cádiz

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