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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Eating (well) in the most tourist area of ​​Malaga is possible

Traditional cuisine, fusion, gluten-free ... Strachan has it all!

Grilled squid, from Lo Güeno © María Casbas

Two minutes is what it takes to travel the Strachan street from its confluence with the mythical street Larios (If you are not at fair time, of course).

Now, if you look both ways, you'll find everything a gastronomic paradise Where it will be difficult for you to choose.

Delicious grilled meats, salad, dishes with Japanese, Indian, French influences, Veggie and gluten free options ...

Eating well in the center of Malaga - without leaving this street - is possible. Come in and see!

BYOKO (Strachan, 5)

Lorenzo Garcia opened Byoko at number 5 Strachan Street a little over a year ago and soon became he place-to-be of healthy city food.

Under the maximum "Cultivating a better world", Byoko's offer is based on fresh and organic products In addition to gluten-free and lactose-free options.

A healthy and delicious alternative to - literally - three seconds from Larios Street where have breakfast, lunch, dinner or brunch

Your proposals for have breakfast they go from 'Love Andalucía' (the traditional smurf accompanied by coffee or bio tea) at 'Healthy Morning' (vitamin bowl, smoothie and coffee or tea) going through the 'Brunch Style' (toast delux, fruit salad, smoothie or natural juice and coffee or tea).

His star dish? The biscuits French a specialty of the Brittany region similar to crêpe in which buckwheat dough is used.

Do not forget to try the Emmental cheese, egg, cooked ham and sauteed mushrooms.

The typical one is not missing avocado toast or the famous açai bowls, All very instagrameable.

I GET IT (Strachan, 12)

It was 1967 when José Puerto Galveño He founded the Lo Güeno restaurant on Marín García street.

After some difficult beginnings and much effort, Lo Güeno became a benchmark of good eating in Malaga with the flag cover.

In 2010, to the delight of Malaga and visitors, opens a second place, Lo Güeno de Strachan, specialized in grilled meats.

For carnivorous and bulletproof stomachs, the menu offers succulent proposals such as T-bone steak, roasted lamb shoulder or grilled steak.

Lo Güeno lives up to its name © Lo Güeno

The strain (Strachan, 10)

Next to Lo Güeno we find another restaurant of the lifelong ones: The Cepa Inn, another temple that worships the tapas art for more than two decades. Especially, Cod.

To Malaga, to Biscay, to garlic, to Cepa, with Piquillo peppers, with tomato, in croquettes, in scrambled ... Order what you want, but also order cod.

The restaurant run by Antonio Agüera -Member of the Hospitality Advisory Council of Malaga- also offers red meat of the best quality and A wine list of the most interesting.

La Cepa, one of the oldest in the street © La Cepa

LOLA HOUSE (Strachan, 11)

"Smile, we are in Andalusia", So we receive a sign at number 11 on Strachan Street.

Casa Lola, decorated like a typical Spanish tavern, offers a wide selection of traditional tapas and montaditos, Watered with a tap vermouth or a very cool draft beer.

It is best to ask to share and thus try as much as possible of the appetizing offer of the place: Russian salad, Ronda tripe, homemade croquettes, pickled anchovies.

Among the montaditos we must highlight that of duck ham, that of sobrasada with roquefort and that of anchovies with condensed milk.

To the delicious tapas! © Facebook Casa Lola

THE COCOTTE (Strachan, 6)

And from the most traditional we jump to the most international (without losing sight of the local product) in this gastropub run by José Córdoba.

A fun kitchen of Asian and Peruvian influences where do we find “alternative” potato omelette based on oxtail and truffle stew, black pudding ravioli, bluefin tuna burger and sesame, Iberian ham with champagne caviar or a delicious "Japo-mole" (composed of avocado, wasabi and lime with carassatu bread).

To that we must add a retro-style decoration and a cocktail menu It invites you to start a long night.

BONUS TRACK: L'EXPÉRIENCE (Bishop's Square, 4)

“I chose you because I realized that you were worth it, that you were worth the risks, you were worth your life,” phrases like this one from Neruda and other authors decorate the tablecloths of L'Expérience.

For that and for many other things, it is worth walking a little beyond Strachan Street to reach the Bishop's Square.

They define themselves as a place that inspires moments of happiness and optimism. And they are not exaggerating, well Dinners on your terrace, overlooking the cathedral, promise magical nights.

The kitchen? “Traditional but always with our modern and personal touch ”, says Macarena Rico, from the L'Expérience team.

It is well known among its customers that Thursdays are 'Thursday of Gazpachuelo', "A date that Malaga and not so Malaga are never lost," Macarena tells Traveler.es

Among his most successful dishes are the chicken wok, vegetables and rice and the L'Expérience salad, with bacon, chicken, pipes, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, apple and honey and mustard vinaigrette.

But, without a doubt, the most special dish and to which they have a great affection is the Russian salad.

“L'Expérience is currently OMERG headquarters, Malagueño Observatory of the Russian Salad and Gazpachuelo, with whom we have a close relationship and we carry out several beneficial events a year ”.

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