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From roadtrip to the United States? This map tells you where you can eat at the moment

The best restaurants to avoid fear in roadside motels

Final map with roadside restaurants in the US. © Orbitz

There are roads on which to stop to eat something is equal to safe poisoning, and more if you do it with the eyes of a tourist motivated by US roads. We do not want to be a tourist, but we are and we have it tattooed on the forehead, but do not suffer them will also happen someday.

Where will I eat in my roadtrip? How will I find the most emblematic places? If you are preparing your great roadtrip Or you plan to do it soon this map will be a real gift for you.

Orbitz, the holiday search engine, has created The Ultimate Us Foodie Roadtrip, a map that collects 70 restaurants with the best regional dishes each place. But if that were not enough everyone is located on the main roads of the US: Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut, Texas, Iowa ... where are you going to stop today?

Where to eat in Virginia? © Orbitz

With this map you can finally try the real fried chicken from Kentucky, in Minnesota you will eat the tater tots (crispy potato balls), in New York, a bagle or a pizza; Meanwhile in Utah, a smothered burrito. In Texas a chilli with meat and in Virginia you will try a chesapeake crabcakes.

What does not come with this map is a dictionary of regional dishes to know if to stay or pass by. But that's what adventures are about, right?

It is curious that each regional dish has the address of the place to eat it. For example, the chimichanga from Arizona you should eat it in La Piñata and California fish tacos at Jame's Beach.

The Ultimate US Foodie Trip by Orbitz

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