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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Monsieur Sushita, the new divine 'japo' of Madrid

If you liked Madame Sushita ... here you will travel from Japan to Morocco.

A trip from Marrakech to Tokyo. © Monsieur Sushita

The family continues to grow. Now it is numerous. He Sushita Group Add a fifth place to your troupe. Monsieur Sushita, in the Barrio de Salamanca, He is the last to arrive, and as the youngest of the clan is the most adventurous, the most traveled, the one who lands with even more desire to surprise.

With the Sushita Cafes (three in different locations in Madrid) found the perfect formula of basic Japanese cuisine with influences from other Asian countries, the ideal balance between attractive menu and even more attractive space. In Madame Sushita They bet harder, with a superlative decoration that enveloped an even more fused, Japanese meal, as always, with French winks. And now, Monsieur Sushita follows this line by shooting the most difficult yet: more fusion, new decoration, other influences.


Couscous and rolls, a gastronomic journey. © Monsieur Sushita

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Monsieur Sushita is the trip from Japan to Morocco, from Thailand to Hawaii with a stop in Peru. Receive with a patio covered with high ceilings which transports to a garden in Marrakech: mirrors, plants, sofas, dramatic lamps that come from the old Café de Napoli in Positano. And inside, the route continues between fabrics, more vegetation, eclectic furniture, nostalgic corners for lively group dinners or intimate couple meals.

The entrance garden is its great asset. © Monsieur Sushita

Once put into the environment, the letter puts the icing on the trip, expands borders and opens windows to new worlds. With staging even more studied. The group cooks have endeavored that Monsieur Sushita be very different from his brothers.

It shows in dishes with clear Moroccan inspiration, such as cous cous tagine with shrimp or duck pastry confit with apple coulis. And in others where winks are exchanged between Japan and Arab culture, such as hummus of chickpeas and edamame with lentil bread.

An oriental-tropical bar. © Monsieur Sushita

They retain the great success of the Sushita Group, such as the tempura of red prawns with sweet chili or the crispy tuna pizza with truffle slices. And of course, they keep that tribute bar to raw fish where much of its success is based. There are the classics, but also there are traveling variations in the nigiris, tartares, makis, like that of Yellow hamachi with tiger's milk. And a triumphal entry, the Hawaiian note and also in the wave of healthy food, with the poké bowls: salmon and quinoa or tuna and rice.

Wide selection of rolls that travel from Japan to Peru. © Monsieur Sushita


Because you already liked them Café Sushita and Madame Sushita, Monsieur Sushita is a way to prolong romance and the journey of fused Japanese cuisine. Further, the covered patio Entrance well deserves a meal.


Open and, we repeat, that patio of colonial dreams invites you until you take a nap After a lovely meal.

Here they also do not flee from the fashion of the poké. © Monsieur Sushita

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C / Velázquez, 68


91 831 80 81


From Monday to Wednesday from 13 to 00:30; Thursdays and Sundays until 1H; Fridays and Saturdays until 2H.

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